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Chalk Up Before You Walk Up

June 16, 2017 BY Morning Chalk Up
Chalk Up Before You Walk Up
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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while picking up the first box of “Chalk Up Before You Walk Up” racerbacks and tees. These will only be available for the next two weeks before we close em off.

P.S. Start shopping.


“You didn’t come this far, just to come this far.” — Unknown




Territory Foods is heading to Becca Voigt’s CrossFit Training Yards for a sampling on Monday. We don’t know what to call this team movement that includes a guy handstanding on two barbells while four friends squat and press but you should watch it. Dan Bailey’s rapid fire Q&A in one minute. Christian Harris got his stitches out post pec surgery. Ben Bergeron’shanging out in Iceland. Bianca Casciari hits a 200 pound push press PR for two. Rogue Fitness has a bunch of Nike and Reeboks on clearance. Nine things only CrossFit OGs will remember. Carly Fuhrer learned how to do freestanding handstand push-ups, woot woot.

We were wrong…there are other affiliates out there advertising on YouTube.

TRUTH TALK, from the gal who posted nude photos after the Internet beat her up over her weight loss journey…“Why would I share a picture of my body at a bigger size, and much less fit, than I have previously been? Because this is who I am, right now. Because although sharing a picture of my half naked body ‘will not fix society’s problem with body shaming’…it will play a part in someone’s self acceptance journey, somewhere – even my own…It may contribute to someone thinking a different thought, or seeing themselves a little differently, than they had before. It is okay to have stretch marks. It is okay to have cellulite. It is okay to not be a size 0…I am no longer afraid of being seen, being witnessed, or being honest. I took this pic, and perhaps for the first time in my life, saw a photo of myself at this size and realized I am still worthy of everything I desire. And that’s pretty cool!”


If you walked away from your recent check-up being told you might need to lose a few or your body mass index is too, that might be accurate or your Doc might be comparing your numbers to an unhealthy, overweight, out-of-shape society that doesn’t take into account the extra muscle-mass you’ve earned from years of hard work. Take Meg Allison Iafrate for instance. Two weeks before placing 24th at the Central Regional her doctor told her, without bothering to even look at her, that she needed to lose 5-10 pounds. Meg’s response: “Don’t be a number. Don’t fall into this trap. Be strong. Be beautiful and be a inspiration for those around you.”


WATCH: Is CrossFit Going to Make You Look Like a Man?

One of most comment questions and misconceptions out there about CrossFit. In this episode, Andrea Ager tackles this question head on and shares her perspective as a coach and longtime competitive athlete.

HEAR: Maximizing Strength and Improving Mindset with Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa joins the very popular Tim Ferris Show for an episode covering all of the above, plus some insight into his his own two successful businesses; NC Fit and Box to Business.

EAT: NOT Your Average Chicken Friend Rice

Maybe it’s because there isn’t any actual rice or maybe it’s cause nearly everything PaleOMG cooks up is delicious, but this is exactly the kind of food prep meal we’ve been looking for.

BUY: The Nano 7.0 Weave

Reebok updated Nano 7.0 with some more midsole flexibility and a weave mesh for breathability. The updates also added a new layer of design changes that stand out from the previous releases. Black is available today with blue coming Saturday.


Big Muddy CrossFit in Bismarck, ND took photos of their coaches and put them on the wall ball targets.


“My Fitness and CrossFit Saved My Life” by Andréa Maria Cecil, CrossFit Journal

Nothing was supposed to happen the way it did.

Mike Walker’s wife always accompanied him to the gym. When the couple got home from CrossFit or cycling class, she would shower while he sat in the recliner to drink coffee, eat breakfast and take a 30-minute nap. But Susan Walker wasn’t feeling well on the morning of Feb. 5, 2016, so she stayed behind to sleep. When her husband returned home, she dragged herself from their bed to make them coffee and chat while he sat in the recliner.

While she stepped into the kitchen, the 64-year-old seemingly started snoozing.

But something was unusual about Mike’s sleeping. He was snoring. Mike never snored.

“9 Women On Why They Switched From Cardio To Weight Training” by Huffington Post

Anna Danes was a lifelong runner, jogger and walker, but after giving birth to her daughter 12 years ago, she got busy and wasn’t able to keep up her regular exercise routine. She quickly noticed changes in her body, especially her weight beginning to creep up, and eventually went back to a cardio-heavy routine.

She wasn’t seeing results, though, and after successfully battling breast cancer, getting divorced and shaking off her old life as a lawyer to become a jazz singer (her sophomore album, “Find Your Wings,” topped iTunes’ jazz chart in 2016), she knew it was time for a change.

“I think the most important thing about any athletic pursuit for women … is the general sense of competence you get from knowing that your body can do whatever you need it to,” says Karen Ko, a Toronto-based strength coach and personal trainer. “This is huge for women. We’re socialized to defer to men in areas of physical activity — they are the experts, they are inherently stronger than us. Strength training challenges this narrative and is extremely empowering.”

Chalk Up Calendar CHALK UP Calendar

7/20 – 7/27: 2017 Senior Pan Ams (Miami, FL)
7/29: Unbroken Games Summer Slam (Waco, TX)
8/1: The CrossFit Games (Madison, WI)
9/8 – 9/10 – USA Functional Fitness National Championships (Colorado Springs, CO)