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Grab Some Tissues

September 27, 2017 BY Morning Chalk Up
Grab Some Tissues

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up

Today’s edition is sponsored by Athex, the training tool athletes need to improve their fitness and connect with the community. Want to follow how the Fittest athletes are training? Just download the free Athex iOS app and compare your WODs with elite athletes like James Hobart, Margaux Alvarez and Stacie Tovar.


“I love that my kids see me taking fitness seriously and even they know how important it is for me to get to the box. I hope this leads them to a fitness journey of their own…I love the rush of working hard pushing past the limits physically and mentally every day surrounded by amazing people.” — Nikki Stafford, Oak Ridge CrossFit



ROUNDUP — Here’s the video of Dave Castro doing WOD #4 of the Team Series. Road to the Games 2016 is now streaming on Amazon PrimeKara Webb’s new CrossFit affiliate is hiring. A guy proposes to his girlfriend while she’s doing a rope climb. Alyssa Ritchey hits 10 unbroken strict weighted pull-ups with 25 pounds. Happy 1 year anniversary to Halo Neuroscience. Flashback to Dmitry Klokov’s heaviest snatch ever at 453 pounds. Can you do Alec Smith’s gymnastics complex?

What to read with your second cup of coffee…the story of Nikki Staffordmother of three, and her journey finding her fitness and happy place through CrossFit.

HAPPENING TONIGHT — CrossFit HQ will be announcing the CrossFit Games Team Series week 2 WODs LIVE on Facebook at 4:50 PM Pacific, and Wodapalooza will be dropping week 3 qualifier WODs tonight around 5PM Pacific.

— Meanwhile, Dave Castro teases (most of) WOD #7. Our guess was a 3 rep max front squat.

3, 2, 1…LIFTOFF — CrossFit HQ announced the details for the 2017 CrossFit Games Liftoff, which is kicking off November 20. The annual competition allows athletes to compete in gender-based weight classes for heaviest snatch and clean and jerk.


Is someone cutting onions in here? U.S. Marine Jeff DeYoung says goodbye to his dog Cena who served with him through tours overseas on the front lines. After Cena was diagnosed with terminal cancer, DeYoung wanted to give him one final ride so he could feel the wind on his face one last time. This video isn’t CrossFit related but it’s going to touch your heart. We dare you not to cry.


WATCH: Surviving Leukemia, Finding Home at CrossFit 737
In 1998, 36-year-old Ross Phillips was diagnosed with acute leukemia. After two years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, his cancer went into remission. Then he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s so he retired and joined CrossFit 737 where he’s found a new community of friends that won’t let him quit.

HEAR: Forming a Competitive Team
We get it. You want to take a team to Regionals and dominate. What’s that going to take? How do you handle schedules through the long training road and what’s it going to take to win? Three-time Affiliate Cup champion Adrian Conway discusses the Wasatch Brute strategy that took them all the way to the top.

EAT: Trail Mix Cookies
Who would have thought?! But it’s kinda genius. A cookie that joined forces with our favorite hike-friendly food. What’s not to like?

BUY: BOGO 50% Off Knee Sleeves
RockTape’s got a special deal on their Assassins knee sleeves. Whether you want to do your swolemate a solid, or just stock up for the future, buy one pair and get the second for 50% off.


#HarveyRecoveryRx — To date, the campaign has raised nearly $3000 for the Houston CrossFit community.

SCOOP: HOW ENGLAND’S TRIBAL CLASH GREW TO 1,000 COMPETITORS — From England’s Guardian newspaper, “You probably didn’t notice but at the end of this summer, on the sandy beach of Bantham…in South Devon, 960 men and women gathered for a gruesome battle. For an entire weekend, this stretch of English coastline saw teams of furious men and women dashing across hilly trails, hoisting atlas stones and lugging a 240kg sandworm, in both blistering heat and torrential rain. Since its launch in 2013, Tribal Clash has more than doubled in size, from 100 teams of four to 160 teams of six.”

“…the final race, a log-carrying contest, at the 2016 event: ‘There was a team with a girl who had sprained her ankle…All six members had to be involved and have their hands on the log at all times. Rather than drop out, this team put the injured girl on the log and ran the course with her on it. She was able to do the swimming part, as it didn’t hurt her ankle. Yes, they came last, but it was tough as nails and the most brilliant display of teamwork I have seen in a long time.”


Only 16-Years-Old and Among the Fittest in the World,” by Mike Tromello, Breaking Muscle

Tori Dow’s mom got her into CrossFit at about 13 years old. Tori’s mom, who is pretty good at CrossFit herself, wanted her daughter to get some of the benefits and jump a little higher.

So, they started training together and competing against each other. The daughter, at first, gets beaten by the mom and then, eventually, the daughter started to be the one doing the beating. Tori still maintained her full calendar of work at school and volleyball practice. Despite her commitments, she begged her mom to take her to the CrossFit Games in 2015. Her mom says, no way, you just started. That was enough to give Tori the challenge of proving her devotion to CrossFit.

Her mom brought her to me about 11 weeks before this year’s Games. I started to work with her on the mental game, her endurance, strength, and every aspect of her preparation. It wasn’t a whole lot of time to prepare an athlete for competition at Games level. We were looking at ten scored events, instead of the 6 or 7 we had gotten used to seeing, and a lot more running and swimming than we were used to. They’d also added a lot of movements that you don’t traditionally see in the teen and masters divisions. Also, this was going to be only the second year with a teenage division.


Brought to You by Jason Khalipa — Is the barbell bouncing off your shoulder when you push press or push jerk? If your dip is as fast as your jerk or press, you’re doing it wrong. Watch Jason Khalipa demonstrate how to stay under control and you’ll nail more lifts at heavier weights.

Chalk Up Calendar CHALK UP Calendar

9/20 – 10/2: CrossFit Games Team Series (Online)
9/29 – 10/7: WOD Godz Online Qualifier (Online)
9/30: Caffeine & Kilos Invitational (Elk Grove, CA)
9/30 – 10/1: Do More Charity Challenge (Front Range CF, Denver, CO)
10/7 – 10/8: MIA Classic VII (CrossFit Soul, Miami, FL)
10/20: Wodapalooza Team Online Challenge (Online)
10/21 – 22: 2017 Fortius Weightlifting Halloween Open (San Diego, CA)
10/21 – 22: Cascade Classic (Seattle, WA)
11/4Team SuperFit (San Diego, CA)
11/18: New WODs On The Block (Various Locations in US)
11/30: CrossFit Liftoff (Online)