6 Things from 18.2 That Will Make You Forget the Pain

March 6, 2018 by
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Week two of the 2018 CrossFit Open is over; our lungs have stopped burning, we can finally sit down properly and now we’re getting ready to go back to battle. While you wait for 18.3 to drop like a scorching hammer, here are 6 things that were pretty special about 18.2.

1. When this little boy — AKA Coach Charlie — cheered on his mom crushing those burpees.

2. When Brooke, who’s only been doing CrossFit for three months at CrossFit Devils Backbone, said NBD to dumbbell front squats and jumped right into the Open.

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[email protected]: We are so proud of Brooke!!!! She has been with us less than three months and already her body composition is changing and her dedication is amazing! #intheopen @crossfitgames #crossfit #therestofus #betterhealth #makingadifference

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3. When Cerebral Palsy told Janet “aint gonna happen”, then Janet showed CP what’s up.

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I’M SO FREAKING PROUD OF THIS WOMAN RIGHT HERE!! @able.body feared jumping her entire life due to her cerebral palsy. However, she conquered that fear and got her first jump onto a mat a couple weeks ago. This week she took on 18.2 with burpees over a bar! • Before we started I could tell she was a little nervous, so I told her we could lower the height of her bar. But her response was, “Jamie, I’ve never gotten anywhere in life doing things the easy way. Let’s do this, and if I fall, I fall.” • The 12 minutes of 18.2 were a beautiful thing to watch as I saw her confidence grow and she improved with each jump. She finished with 7 full rounds and 5 dumbbell front squats!!! • March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and Janet’s courage and attitude are at the forefront of inspiration for all! @crossfit @crossfitgames @adaptivecrossfit #crossfitopen #18point2 #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsyawareness #cpathlete

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4. When Brooke, who is visually impaired, came back for week 2 and JUMPED over the bar on every rep.

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Brooke (my athlete whose visually impaired) takes on 18.2! This was a huge achievement since we stuck to the standard of bar facing burpees. She chose to jump every rep even though she could have stepped over, and she did EVERY rep that way with no problems at all! Although we got time capped, she scored 7+4 on the scaled version. But to add some fun we went ahead and hit a 1RM Clean after, which she got a 65lbs Power Clean PR post wod! So stoked for her! Quick side note; I know there will without a doubt be one troll at least wanting to say how “I put her in danger” because she jumped over the bar instead of stepping. I will simply say fuck off and leave you with this. That kind of comment warrants the same example of you probably should have never learned how to drive as a teenager since you weren’t an expert on something you’ve never tried before. I’ve had the occasional person say she “shouldn’t be doing something because it’s not safe.” Everything we do in life comes with inherent danger. That’s why there’s countless videos of people who can see eating shit doing Box Jumps, so does that mean no one should do a box jump since even those who can see fail sometimes? Failure happens, we live and learn from them. I will NEVER limit Brooke from training to the same capacity as everyone else because I DO NOT see her being blind as a limitation. It is simply something we have to work around a little bit longer, just the same as someone not understanding to High Pull on a Snatch. You have to practice things. That’s it. I’m proud of Brooke and everything she’s accomplished to date, and I’m excited to see what she does next! @crossfit @crossfitfif @crossfitgames @crossfittraining @iamadaptive @adaptivecrossfit @fitaid @fun.ning @rx2movement #crossfit #crossfitfif #GoBrooke #crossfitgames #crossfitgames2018 #fitness #weightlifting #coach #athlete #kansascity

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5. When Rory McKernan withdrew his own score cause he didn’t like some of his (no) reps.

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I AM PROUD OF MY EFFORT, BUT NOT MY REPS. After reviewing my performance on 18.2, I acknowledge my lack of hip extension on multiple reps and am choosing to withdraw my result and enter a new score. This is no ones fault but mine and I own it outright. A few things: * * * (1) I do this for fun and NOT to be the Fittest athlete on Earth. That DOES NOT act as an excuse to skirt the rules of the competition. I feel responsible for demonstrating integrity in movement. * * * (2) I reviewed with @apbozman and we agree that the outcome would be no different if I had been no repped or made to stand tall. As such, the series stands at 2 – 1. * * * (3) regardless of all this, I am THRILLED at the output I accomplished in 18.2. That was close to "all time" best for me and I remain proud of the effort. * * * (4) I will not argue with you about this on the internet. Headed to spend time with my family for the weekend before heading to Houston. Talk to you guys then. * * * (5) Just because your on the internet is not an excuse to be a dick. Dont attack me personally because of the way I did fast exercise on the internet. Have fun, push your limits and hold each other to high standards.

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6. When Misty stepped up and tackled her fear of burpees.

***BONUS: When Kaleb Miller, WHO ONLY HAS ONE ARM PEOPLE, said F-YOU Dave and did 18.2 RX. He held the dumbbell with his neck — WITH HIS NECK PEOPLE! Oh and he wasn’t happy with his score so he redid it Monday and got 12 reps more. Total BAMF. Be more like Kaleb.

CrossFit the Challenge is proud to announce the 18.2 Spirit of the Open award winner – Kaleb Miller! Kaleb inspires all…

Posted by CrossFit The Challenge on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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