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19.1 “F*&ked My World Up:” Pat Vellner Survives Week 1 of the Open

Feb 25, 2019 by

Patrick Vellner may have his spot at the 2019 CrossFit Games already secured, but the Open still calls his name.

His first attempt at 19.1 got him 9 rounds + 19 wall balls + 6 calories on the rower, a score of 366.

“I was hoping to get 10,” Vellner said. “[19.1] fucked my world up. I didn’t crush it.”

To add insult to injury, Vellner took last in the first week of Open Trashtalk.

“The boys all did well” and only the first attempt at an Open workout counts for the Open Trashtalk crew, but Vellner still found himself preoccupied with the Open on Monday morning.

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“I wasn’t happy with my score, sitting at home doing school work and still thinking about the Open so I figured I’d just do it to get it off my mind.”

Fifteen minutes later, the itch was scratched, and Vellner exited with a 378, just shy of 10 rounds.

A 12 rep improvement, which is around 30 seconds faster across the duration of the workout, actually came from a simple change.

“I just widened my squat stance by a few inches so it would stop me closer to parallel and speed up wall ball cycle,” Vellner said. “I was just trying to look for areas where I could speed up a bit without taxing me much more aerobically since I’m out of shape. That was the best I could come up with. Gave me 30 more seconds at the end.”

Thirty more seconds of work and a couple hundred more spots on the leaderboard with a slightly wider stance.

“Sped up my wall ball by like 3 seconds per round. Nothing to do with fitness. That’s why smarter athletes win at the top levels. Boom.”

At the close of score submissions, Vellner’s 378 has him tied for 146th place overall.

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