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Khrennikov’s Exodus Paves Way for Duddy

Jul 10, 2019 by

Roman Khrennikov’s inability to secure a U.S. travel visa for the second straight year could have significant implications for the men’s roster. 

  • Khrennikov earned his spot by placing 5th at the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Fifth was good enough for the invite because the four preceding athletes qualified by other means. 
  • Khrennikov: “Magic did not happen. I have not received a visa to USA. I continue my way. thanks friends.”

Behind the scenes, we know that CrossFit HQ, his coaches and management team have been hard at work trying to make this happen. Unfortunately for the second straight year he’ll be barred from competing at the CrossFit Games. 

  • However, Russia’s fittest athlete, Alexandr Ilin, was reported by Sputnik News to have secured a visa to travel and compete in Madison.

In 2018, CrossFit HQ opted not to backfill his position after Khrennikov won the 2018 Europe Regional. 

Section 3.01 of the CrossFit Games rulebook states: “Each Sanctionals competition will send one man, one woman and one team to the Games.”

  • “If a winner of one of the Sanctionals earns a spot to compete at the Games via another route, the second-place athlete at that Sanctionals competition will earn an invitation to the Games. This process will repeat if the second-place finisher has earned a spot at the Games, and so on.”
  • The only exception to this is the CrossFit Italian Showdown which did not have a team competition this year. That’s why only 14 teams are competing.

This means the invite would jump down to 8th placed Connor Duddy. 

  • Streat Hoerner (6th) qualified via the Open.
  • Jason Smith (7th) was South Africa’s national champion. 

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