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The Games Goodie Bags

Jul 23, 2019 by

In years past, CrossFit Games athletes have been showered with swag bags totaling in thousands of dollars, especially from Reebok. With CrossFit removing the footwear restrictions, even more brands are shelling out to get their products into the hands of the fittest on earth.

As naming rights sponsor, Reebok gets first dibs. 

  • Upon arrival, athletes will be given thousands of dollars worth of product.  
  • The package will include four pairs of shoes including the Nano 9s. 
  • Reebok insiders told the Morning Chalk Up, there’s also “multiple options of shorts, leggings, sports bras, briefs, tanks ,tees, crop tops, hoodies, backpacks, socks, hats and more” awaiting each athlete. 
  • The athletes have been told – those who make it through to the weekend – will have a “second outfitting” on Friday night.  
  • Reebok apparel and footwear will also be handed out to staff, volunteers, judges etc.

Nike and NOBULL are Coming to Play

Nike wouldn’t ‘officially’ confirm the full kit for sponsored athletes – thankfully some of them took to social media to show us the goodies that have already arrived. 

  • Jacob Heppner’s ‘show and tell’ video was perhaps the most comprehensive – revealing the new black and gold colourway – in the Metcon 5 (“the go to shoe” as Heppner calls it). 
  • Also, this red and black Metcon 5 landed on athletes’ doorsteps this week.
  • Regan Huckaby (Team Invictus) also showed off her personalised Nike duffle bag, which included a pair of the new Flyknit 3, Free X, Turbo 2, Alpha Menace and Romaleo 3s. 
  • Nike representatives have hinted to us, these are just the start of shipments for sponsored athletes. Don’t be surprised if we also see some exclusive products on their big names like Mat Fraser, who recently released his own shoe.
Photo Credit: Jacob Heppner

Comparatively a newcomer, NOBULL is certainly cementing itself in the CrossFit market, signing two former Reebok athletes and champions in Katrin Davidsdottir and Tia-Clair Toomey in recent months. 

  • The brand’s Todd Meleney confirmed every national champion was contacted and offered a gift package, of which 93 accepted. He told the Morning Chalk Up: “It was a gift as recognition of their hard work and accomplishment. They should wear whatever shoes they are most comfortable in.”

More than just apparel.

  • Bear Komplex Co-Founder Jake Rhodes said: “We will be seeding ALL Games athletes with a Games Edition set of Black Diamond Grips.”
  • ROMWOD – another Games sponsor – confirmed each qualifier will receive a “lifetime supply.” Owner Ryan Schultz said the brand also has “something else special in mind” but for now, is keeping that under wraps. 

Even brands that aren’t official sponsors or vendors are attempting to get their products in front of athletes. 

  • In years gone by Kettlebell Kitchen (KBK) has provided free meals for athletes and the brand’s Karli Buckley told the Morning Chalk Up: “Circumstances have changed for 2019, but we still wanted to be able to support the needs of the athletes.” 
  • The likes of Tia-Clair Toomey, Kari Pearce, Alec Smith, Noah Ohlsen, Pro 1 Montreal, Amanda Barnhart, Travis Mayer, James Newbury, Brooke Haas, Erin Vandenriessche, Carrie Beamer, Courtney Haley, Jeff Adler, Ryan Sowder, Meg Reardon and all three Invictus teams are on their delivery list (free of charge) while they’re competing.  
  • Australian brand Blue Dinosaur has also stocked up local athletes travelling over and the brand’s Jarrad Howse confirmed: “Any athlete competing that comes past the stand will leave with a fist full of free bars to fuel them through the tournament.”

Why brands go all out? 

Yes, there are a lot of unknowns leading into the 2019 Games and it’s likely the spectator and sponsor experience will be very different. What doesn’t change for these brands is the chance to get their products tried and tested on the world stage by the best in our sport. All they need is a glowing recommendation or a single social media post by one of the top athletes and one could argue their big investment is worthwhile.

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