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Cheryl Nasso’s Return After Seven Years Reinvigorates Her Love of the Sport

Aug 4, 2019 by

The last individual appearance Cheryl Nasso made on the CrossFit Games floor was in 2011, where she placed 42. Aside from a team appearance in 2015 with CrossFit New England where she never took the floor, Nasso has been trying to get back to the Games for seven years, making her the athlete with the largest gap in time since her last individual appearance.

“I’m 34 this year so I thought, well I’ll give it my all this year [in the Open] and see what happens,” she told the Morning Chalk Up. She placed 38, but after six spots opened up on the leaderboard thanks to adjustments after Sanctionals, Nasso came in with the 20th spot from the Open.

“I actually found out from you guys. I read it in the newsletter three days before…CrossFit emailed me,” she told us. She had from the middle of May to prepare for Madison. “I still love this sport. I still want to believe I can do it,” Nasso said.

Nasso made it to day two, getting cut with her 40th place finish in the Sprint Couplet.

“I’m so mad I got cut…I cried. I was so mad, I went into the gym this morning and did Mary.”

But Nasso made it further than she anticipated.  “I honestly thought I would get cut Day One but I didn’t… So thank you Dave Castro, for getting me to believe in myself again.”

When asked what’s next for her, “I don’t want to go to Masters next year, I want to be out there with the top 10 next year.”

CrossFit Games

Cheryl Nasso

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