Buttery Bros CrossFit Games Doc?

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Earlier today, the Buttery Bros posted an interesting photo to Instagram showing a license agreement with Gravitas Ventures, the same company responsible for handling the global distribution for Fittest on Earth: Redeemed and the Dominant and Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness.

  • Securing distributing is a key hurdle to getting this together. Gravitas is one of the largest digital distribution companies in the world.
  • It’s very likely that the name will have to be changed from the Fittest on Earth series as it’s a registered trademark owned by CrossFit.

Heber Cannon on Talking Elite Fitness: “We’re making a movie. We’re excited to announce we’re making one for the 2019 season…CrossFit has been great enough to allow us to do that; they’ve given us a contract.” 

  • To be clear, there’s no documentary on the 2018 Games in the works. 
  • TBD whether it will be a documentary or documentary-series. 
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Take note: Marston Sawyers was the only media staff shooting action on the field of play and it wasn’t for the live broadcast.

  • The two former CrossFit HQ documentarians have been traveling across the world over the past six months grabbing footage for road-to-the-games-esque episodes for their popular YouTube channel.
  • Other notable filmmakers were seen snagging interviews with top athletes throughout the Games week.

Reading between the lines: This idea has been floating around for a while, even teased on the Buttery Bros YouTube channel, but getting a documentary like this requires a lot more than a YouTube channel. The Gravitas deal gives them the firepower needed to put this together.

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