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So Your Significant Other Doesn’t Do CrossFit…

January 9, 2020 by and
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In Episode 13 of A Fresh Cup of Fitness, brought to you by O2 Recovery drink, hosts Jessica Danger and Brittany Marsh share their experiences dating in and out of the CrossFit bubble. They also offer relationship tips and tactics for any partnership in which one person doesn’t CrossFit, including how to celebrate your partner’s fitness experience and setting up relational goals and expectations. If you take one thing from this episode, let it be this: At the end of the day, prioritize what you think is important in your own relationship and then honor that for both people.

Episode Notes

  • 2:25 — Is it cool to have a S.O. that doesn’t do CrossFit?
  • 2:31 — Jessica shares her dating experience and CrossFit
  • 3:45 — Brittney shares her dating preferences
  • 4:29 — Long-term relationships when one person finds CrossFit
  • 5:45 — Lizzo, Juice. (Do it.)
  • 7:27 — #1 Celebrate your partner’s experience with them
  • 9:49 — What if your kids won’t do CrossFit?
  • 10:21 — Mark Irwin and Bobby’s Boxing Gym in Laguna Canyon, CA
  • 11:11 — When emotion meets change, it’s terrifying
  • 12:16 — Rich and Hillary Froning
  • 12:54 — WODDITY and CrossFit Toby from This is Us
  • 14:29 — #2 Find something that you can prioritize together
  • 15:54 — Incorporating nutrition regardless of sport
  • 20:19 — GRITCycle
  • 20:48 — #3 Setting up relational expectations and guidelines
  • 24:44 — O2 Recovery Drink — Save 20 % with “CUP20” at DrinkO2.com
  • 26:58 — Ways to support your partner at home
  • 32:40 — #4 Find couples that have relationships that you want to mirror
  • 33:51 — Love Does by Bob Goff
  • 37:31 — “CUP20” for 20% off at DrinkO2.com

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