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Lukas Hӧgberg Looks for 2020 Games Qualification through Sanctionals

Feb 11, 2020 by

To say the 2019 CrossFit Games did not go according to plan is an understatement for Lukas Hӧgberg. After finishing in third place at the 2018 Games, the 29-year old Swede looked poised to push for yet another podium spot and the title of “Fittest on Earth.” But despite an impressive 21st finish in the world-wide Open and earning his Games invitation as the national champion for Sweden, Hӧgberg placed 17th in 2019.

In October Hӧgberg made news when he elected to not take part in this year’s Open, instead electing to earn his ticket to Madison through the Sanctionals.

The Morning Chalk Up’s Tommy Marquez sat down to chat with Hӧgberg while in Barcelona for The Freakest Challenge. Here are a few highlights:

On his decision to not compete in the Open: “To be honest I do not enjoy the Open anymore at all, the first two years was a lot of fun but now it’s five weeks of mentally feeling bad,” said Hӧgberg. “I’m not an Open athlete.”  

On his Sanctional strategy for this season: “For this competition (Strength in Depth) the goal was to do a competition. I didn’t think I was going to qualify, it was a goal, but more of the focus for me was go there and enjoy the competition, have fun and just focus on myself and not put too much pressure on myself.”

On his next Sanctional appearance: “Probably the German Throwdown and maybe Egypt (ELFIT CrossFit Championship),” said Hӧgberg. “Also the Rogue Invitational, that’s for sure.”

On what he needs to make this season successful: “If I don’t feel well mentally, from stress or whatever, I’m going to perform bad. If I’m not stressed, I can do very, very well at the Games.”

The full interview includes Hӧgberg’s take on his move from Sweden to Spain, his sauna experience with Jonne Koski and a special appearance by Noah Ohlsen.

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Lukas Högberg

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