HWPO Announces New Program, Adds Groundbreaking Olympic Coach

October 27, 2022 by
Photo Credit: HWPO Training
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HWPO Training, the company created by five-time CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser, has unveiled its newest offering. Members will soon have access to HWPO Lift, a program that focuses on Olympic lifting. 

The details: HWPO Lift, which launches on November 7, will have 12-week cycle progressions that help members gain overall strength along with positional strength, squatting, pulling, and technique in the snatch and clean and jerk. They will start at lower percentages while making improvements physically, mentally, and technically. 

  • As part of the unveiling, HWPO announced the addition of a new coach. Aimee Anaya Everett, who started lifting at the age of 18, will lead the program. Anaya Everett has the distinction of being the first-ever female Olympic Weightlifting coach at the Olympics. 
  • Everett also has extensive experience coaching athletes from a variety of backgrounds. For example, she has coached at five Regionals and five CrossFit Games. One of her most notable athletes was Jolie Gentry, who won the inaugural CrossFit Games. 

Sign up: Pre-registration runs from October 30 through November 6. Those that sign up during this period will gain access to weekly calls with Anaya Everett to review the first 12 weeks of the programming.

Additional work: The focus is on Olympic lifting, something that Fraser used to help him capture five titles. However, there will also be complementary programming included that should help members continue to work on their overall fitness. 

  • Included in every day of programming is a metcon or conditioning piece. Anaya Everett designed these so that athletes will not have to figure out if their chosen WOD will interfere with the HWPO Lift work. They can just put in the work. 
  • These five optional workouts each week will include rowing, bike conditioning, and metcons. They will work in tandem with the HWPO Lift programming to support each member on a daily basis. 

Fraser: “Aimee has designed a weightlifting specialty program that also offers optional daily metcons and conditioning. We know this program will be followed by some who just want to focus on their lifting technique and will pass on the optional conditioning.” 

“We’ve worked with Aimee to build in the optional functional fitness training to take the guess-work out of the metcons and to ensure the added training supports the program priority, the weightlifting. Get ready to work hard on your positional strength, technique, and movement in both lifts. Aimee is a true hard worker and we’re pumped to have her on the team.

Why this matters: Adding HWPO Lift into the HWPO Training platform is a significant move for Fraser and co. Olympic lifting has become an integral part of CrossFit over the years, especially for competitors, but it is not remotely easy to master. 

  • Not all coaches are created equal, and it can be difficult to find the best one. Not to mention, hiring the best coach possible can be expensive, especially for those who live in rural areas.

Fraser went out and hired a coach with extensive experience at the highest level of multiple sports. Now Anaya Everett will make her knowledge and expertise available for athletes – rookies and pros alike. 

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