WeTime, TYR Team Up to Bring “Box Challenges” to Your Affiliate

January 26, 2023 by
Photo Credit: WeFitness
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CrossFit athletes are typically always up for a good challenge. WeFitness, the company that created the very popular WeTime app has launched a new one that is not only easy to do, but can win you and your affiliate some cash. 

“Box Challenges is designed to give boxes year round opportunities to engage their communities at their locations with challenges that can be done by athletes of all levels,” said WeFitness CEO Pablo Monzon. 

WeFitness created GPAs or Geo-targeted Participatory Activations, which “allow us to activate any location in the world and limit participation to people in those locations via the WeTime app,” said Monzon. 

WeFitness has teamed up with fitness brand TYR to provide a monetary prize to winners. Monzon says the winners of the first two challenges have received a combined $4,340. Unlike other challenges the Box Challenges is not a competition of the best or fittest. Instead, winners are selected at random and rewarded based on their effort and cost of registration is free. 

  • “In the ideal world, box owners will see this as an opportunity to do something with their communities and engage them,” said Monzon. 
  • “We’re not looking for the best person, we’re not looking for the fittest person. I think it’s very close to what we’re telling everybody when they go to the classes that it’s you against you and it’s just dependent on your effort here.”
  • “I think this has the potential to have as much participation as the Open on a weekly basis or every two weeks. It has little barrier to entry, or absolutely no barrier to entry, it doesn’t take time. It doesn’t take money.” 

It’s important to note athletes will only be able to record challenges at the 11,000 plus geo-targeted boxes around the world and must be recorded using the challenge custom timer and submitted via the WeTime app. Monzon says he hopes to run the box challenges indefinitely.

The challenges are anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes and are your typical CrossFit movements. The winners with a free WeTime account get 1 USD per valid repetition and winners with an active Premium WeTime account get up to 30 USD per valid repetition (videos need to be recorded with a Premium account). 

In addition, the affiliate where the athlete competed and recorded the challenge receives the same prize as the winner and every month, the box with the highest participation receives 500 USD in TYR products.

The challenges thus far have been: max double unders in one minute, max wall-balls in 3 minutes, max calorie row in 1 minute, and max lateral burpees over the bar in 1 minute.

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