Review of the Week: Strong Coffee

May 11, 2023 by
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Strong Coffee Company burst onto the scene (quite literally, look at their Instagram) with their instant coffees that include nutrients and protein so you still get the boost of caffeine, but less of the guilt from dumping a bucket of creamer into your coffee. 

The guys at Strong Coffee proudly told me that if I had their coffee, traditional coffee would no longer cut it. So I had to put it to the test. I drank Strong Coffee for two weeks, here are my key takeaways. 

It is not the usual sweet coffee I was used to. If you are a vanilla latte kind of basic human (like I was) then you will be in shock sipping your first cup. I tried all of the flavors, but my favorite was the Latte + Essentials which has flavor notes of “smooth and creamy with cacao”. Day one I had it hot, day two I had it cold and put it in a blender bottle with some ice. I will say the iced one hit right, especially with it warming up outside. 

I felt zero jitters. If you appreciate a cup of afternoon coffee for some extra pep in your step but hate when you over caffeinate, then try Strong Coffee. When I had my second cup of the day, I  didn’t feel any shakiness in my hands or the crippling anxiety one has when they’re had just a little bit too much caffeine. 

I saved time in my morning routine. I’m a part-time CrossFit coach outside of working here at MCU, so when I wake up to coach the 5:30 am class I am TIGHT on time (because I sleep until the last possible second). I normally have to stand in my kitchen and wait for my Keurig to fire up while I am half asleep craving the precious nectar of coffee. With Strong Coffee, I poured it into my shaker cup with ice and went on my way, giving me a few extra precious minutes of sleep.

My regular coffee didn’t cut it after Strong Coffee. It felt like I was drinking a milkshake instead of a coffee when I tried a cup of my usual coffee (heavy on the creamer). It also helped  me stay on track with my macros, and not drink my calories so that I could eat them instead. 

The bottom line: drink Strong Coffee for two weeks, and you’ll notice a significant difference in your energy level, the lack of jitters, and that your usual coffee just ain’t doing it for you anymore. I agree with their motto of: “No brewing. No blending. No bulls*t.” 

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