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Ben Wise  

Williamsport, PA

While competing as a collegiate wrestler, Ben earned his degree in Health & Physical Education. However, during his time in University it became clear that he loved training even more than competing. After graduating Ben needed a competitive outlet. Enter CrossFit. The Sport of Fitness was the best of both worlds: it combined competing and training into one endeavor. While working as a Health & Fitness teacher, Ben began competitive CrossFit and coaching at an affiliate. Eventually Ben left teaching to pursue CrossFit coaching full time at an affiliate. Fast forward to 2018 and Ben founded ZOAR Fitness, and began remote coaching CrossFit athletes. Since then he has coached athletes at the CrossFit Games, Semifinals, and Quarterfinals levels. In 2022, Ben opened Lumber Capital Athletics, a CrossFit affiliate serving clientele in Williamsport, PA.

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