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Team Quarterfinals

March 29, 2022 by

Hi everyone! My husband sent the following email to CrossFit regarding qualifying for Team Quarterfinals, we believe it highlights some major issues that we hope to see addressed in the future. We wanted to draw some attention to these concerns and help improve the process: 

My name is Chris Paye and I am a member at CrossFit Tiffin.  We took on the open this year and with good results everyone on our team made it to quarterfinals!  As excited as we are for individual quarterfinals, we were looking forward to putting our team to the test.  Unfortunately, we are not going to qualify. Our concern is that we have 2 teammates in the 99th percentile, 1 in the 98th, and 1 in the 93rd.  We feel that we have a strong enough team to make a run at quarterfinals (maybe even a semi-final due to higher skill abilities), but are unable to make an attempt due to the small cap for teams.  Also, due to our gym being smaller with few competitive members it puts us at a disadvantage with several bigger gyms who have athletes that they are able to mix and match scores to get their teams in to a qualifying spot.  We feel we are playing with a crutch due to the fact the top 25% of teams that qualified have several other athletes they are able to use that are not on their actually team.  Last year the cut was based off of the top 25% of all affiliates and considering this is the affiliate cup we believe it should stay true to that.  Not only affiliates that registered a team, but all affiliates should be included.  At this point it shouldn't matter how many teams are getting an opportunity to throw their hat in to the ring, if anything it helps CrossFit make more money and be promoted more from affiliates. If a team wants an opportunity to qualify for a semi-final or make a trip to the games they should have that chance.  Considering no tests have been made yet to challenge teamwork, it doesn’t seem right to make cuts.  We are bringing this to your attention to raise our concerns for the format in place in hopes that adjustments may be made now or in the future giving more teams an opportunity to chase after their dreams. 
Thank you,
Chris Pay

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