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The Value of Sport

April 2, 2022 by

We are lucky to have a team that comes from a diverse sporting background. Swimming, track and field, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, equestrian, skiing, golf, CrossFit - to name a few.

The most valuable part of sport is not the wins or the success, it is the spark it ignites within us to simply be better. In every way.

You see, failure is a construct of the ego. It isn’t real. Not achieving the desired outcome is an inevitability in sport (and life) but without those experiences, there can be no growth, no progression, no success. Without “failing” we never learn how to make the changes required to be better. Sport teaches us how to “fail” and keep going. It teaches us how to get creative both with our minds and bodies. It teaches us gratitude, strength, and perseverance. It teaches us to endure.

So when we think about why exercise is so important for people, why it is so vital to move your body every day, it is not because of the physical and health benefits, which are obvious. No, it is because exercise, sport, and the pursuit of self improvement can teach us so much about ourselves and what we are truly capable of accomplishing. And that accomplishment can permeate into every aspect of life.

Being an athlete is not about being on TV or making it to a regionals competition or qualifying for Boston. Being an athlete is a reflection of the small decisions you make every day. It is detached from results or appearance or specific body size. It is symbolic of the commitment you have made to self improvement.

Want to be better in all areas of life? Make the decision to be an athlete.

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