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April 6, 2022 by

A community of writers in CrossFit? Is this heaven? ("No, this is Iowa," I can hear Ray Kinsella say. For me, it's Ohio).

I attended my first CrossFit class on August 18th, 2018, unaware it would change my life so completely. A good friend was facing hip replacement, which was just enough for me to become more intentional about my own decreasing capacity for movement. I had worked with a personal trainer for nearly ten years, whose CrossFit journey had made our sessions rather 'CrossFit lite.' I knew I was curious about it, if also afraid. Three 'boxes' were in my vicinity, with one closest to my campus office. CrossFit Dedication (Vandalia, OH) became my on-ramp and then circle-community around fitness. I've always said, "Put circle-way ethos and practices around something, and I'll learn it!" Even fitness, as it turns out, nearing age 50.

I'm now 53 and well into what another friend calls "late-onset-athletics." My scholarly work has been about the role of music for spiritual insight, made possible by a return of awareness to the body. Interreligious learning is best facilitated if explored indirectly through short-term practices, or a return to the body. Wisdom traditions have always prioritized the body, some with attraction to its gifts, some averse to its mysteries. CrossFit integrates so much about human flourishing not surprisingly (for fitness) through a focus of human awareness in the body. Learning the functional movements and jargony definition of fitness in the Level One just deepened my own practice.

So, being a writer, I've blogged various parts of the journey at psychological challenges of an egghead woman entering into a body-fitness challenge, food and nutrition re-education for what actually fuels a body well, and more recently, different aspects of the movements I'm struggling to improve. CrossFit is adult recess, in my book. Everyone needs at least an hour of it, most days of the week.

I had no idea my life would change so thoroughly, nor that I could feel as good in my body as I do every day now. Even as a Masters athlete, with older joint and muscles. Learn the practices well, and you'll get to enjoy this until you're 90. So remember the mantras that now guide my life...Just get better. Don't take yourself TOO seriously, but just serious enough. Show up. Have FUN with friends. We will encourage you when you're down, challenge you when you're arrogant, companion you when you lose focus or motivation. And always...before each WOD begins: Enjoy the Movement.

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