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Your Body Is Not Something to Be Ashamed Of

April 20, 2022 by

I have thought about this post quite a lot lately. What I wanted to say and why I would like to share it.

I, just like anyone else out there, have things that I don’t think are perfect. And honestly that’s ok as long as you don’t let it hinder or affect you on daily basis.

One of these things is my stomach, no it does not look the same after being pregnant, I have abdominal separation, diastasis recti (I did have that even before pregnancy but now it’s a lot more noticeable) as well as more skin on my stomach. Not only do I see this but I show it often when I am training because even though I don’t like it I am NOT ashamed of it.

I get comments saying I must be using steroids because my stomach sticks out and often questions if I’m pregnant again. Yes this can sting, like for any other human being…. many of you comment and come to my defense which I so much appreciate. However no matter what is said these words will not bring me down or make me want to hide it. I know others struggle with the same and even though most of us have bodily insecurities of some sort, it is NOT something to be ashamed of and something that should be hidden away.

Words only have the power YOU give them. It is up to you if you will let them affect you or not.

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