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3 Tips for At-Home Boxing Training

April 29, 2022 by

We’ve found three ways that you can get some off-mat boxing training while at home. From programs to equipment, we have you covered.

On-Demand Classes 

There’s nothing that can replace a master of the sport giving tactical cues, but a close second is on-demand classes. With so many apps readily available to follow along, you can easily hit some conditioning classes in the comfort of your home. Check out FightCamp which is the Peloton of the boxing world.

Tips & Tricks

If you’re fairly confident in your skills, but need to hone in on specifics, there is also an awesome YouTube Channel by Shane Fazen, called FightTips. Here you’ll find advice and tips specifically for training by yourself. 

Talk to your Teacher

Your best asset above all else is your teacher or coach. The reason most teachers get into the business is because they want to help. Ask what you can do to improve your craft at home. They will be able to provide you with ways to effectively train from home while fitting your training schedule on the mat.

If you’re interested in getting FIGHTTIPS programming for your business, 
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