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Why Can’t CrossFit Get It Right? It Is Not Hard

May 4, 2022 by

I will be right up front and say this will sound like sour grapes. 

I am in the 60 to 64 age group and just finished the quarterfinals.  I finished 29th but after video review of workout number #2 they disallowed 34 burpees because of how I jumped over the bar …

  • Did I follow the written standards – absolutely
  • Did I follow the video that was released – absolutely not
  • Was the video reference in the quarterfinal workout standards – absolutely not

 Some background on this:

  • There were burpees in the Open and it was the regular standard as very clearly written in the rules.  So, per the standard I did a 2 foot take off.
  • There were also burpees in the Quarterfinals and the written standard was exactly as follows: “The athlete must clearly jump over the barbell.  Both feet must be off the ground as the athlete passes over the bar.  Stepping over is not permitted.  The athlete does not need to use a two-foot takeoff.  Touching the barbell on the jump or step over is a no rep”. 

Based on this written description, I figured CrossFit had changed the standard.  So, I did some bar facing hop overs when I got tired. But I clearly followed the written standard - both feet in the air, no stepping, and a one-foot takeoff.

When I received my penalty, I immediately appealed.  I then learned there was a video sent out during the Open explaining the burpee jump.  I did not see this video nor did the other 2 people doing the quarterfinals in our gym (we have a small gym).

As you can guess, I am not a full time CrossFit athlete probably like many age group qualifiers. I run a national Canadian company and receive hundreds of emails a day. To be expected to see every email CrossFit sends out is not realistic. And I am sure I am not the only one in this situation.

So why did CrossFit not reference this video or even add a link to this video in the quarterfinal standards?  They had 6 weeks after the Open to get this right, yet they did not. Every other standard is clearly written so why would I assume the new burpee standard would be any different?

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