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When should I wear a weighted vest?

May 12, 2022 by

A weighted vest can be a great training tool if implemented properly. Check out these 3 training tips.

  1. STRENGTH: A lot of people think of building their ability to do more unbroken reps by only focusing on adding more volume. You should also focus on the intensity by doing sets with a weighted vest and lower reps of handstand push-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, handstand walks, pistols, rope climbs, box jumps, burpees, etc. This will really help increase the strength needed to move more efficiently on these movements. Over the years of coaching and training, I have seen progressive increased intensity provide more consistent improvements over just adding volume.
  2. PROGRESSION: Have patience. As soon as people think about the Hero WOD Murph they want to go from never training in a vest to wearing it…ALL. THE. TIME. Please don’t show up to the grocery store or your child’s baseball game in a weighted vest. If you haven’t been wearing it consistently, then start with one workout a week, then two and possibly progress to three. You can also take out one of the plates out, build from one to three a week, then drop back down to once a week with two plates and build back up to two or three.
  3. OVERLOAD: Another great way to utilize the vest is building strength through negative movements. Check out these two exercises:

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