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Strength isn’t just about the numbers

May 13, 2022 by

Prior to starting Crossfit almost one year ago, I never touched a barbell. Today, I find I've developed a fondness for the strength cycles that are programmed into our weekly workouts. However, strength isn't just about the numbers. Don't get me wrong, the first time I rang the PR bell when I hit a 100# deadlift, I was elated.

As mentioned in my blog about Murph Prep, I started having some hip pain. I am working with Coach Jonathan on squat mechanics. In today's class, that meant not progressing the numbers of my back squat, rather, I focused on mechanics by doing goblet squats to a 16 inch box. I also did some leg lifts to improve my hip function/strength.

While I do, in time, want to increase the amounts of the various lifts we do, strength isn't all about the numbers. I am more useful when helping my husband & son load their SUVs when they need to take totes of trading post items to events. I noticed improved movement from when I helped my guys load cars to move my son to college Fall 2021 compared to unloading the cars when our son came home at the conclusion of his freshman year Spring 2022.

Trust the process and trust your coach; you will see improved strength even if your Wodify stats try to tell you otherwise.

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