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3 Simple Tips to Help You Sell More Retail

May 16, 2022 by

Retail can be a fast and effective way to promote your business. The more apparel, accessories, and workout gear you can sell with your business name and logo, means the more eyes that land on your business. Not to mention, the more products sold, means more money that comes back to the business. Hello, new workout equipment!

We compiled three of the easiest ways to get your retail to fly off the shelf.


The foundation of any smooth running operation is a solid system. If you already have Wodify Core, make sure to utilize the POS system! This function allows you to track inventory on products, sell products, and easily keep track of the invoices all in one place. This is perfect for gyms or studios looking to sell some apparel to their clients.

If you’re looking for an even more in-depth online retail system, check out Shopify. This system is for the owners looking to create a whole other stream of revenue, with a wide variety of products, and looking to sell to customers all over, not just to clients of their gym or studio.


Make sure you have a physical space at your gym or studio where your clients can check out all of the goodies and swag you are selling. Some members may congregate and wait for class to start or just hang around after class to chat with others, so you will want to make sure the storefront is placed in a popular area of your facility. This is an easy and great way to advertise what you have to offer.

Pro tip: only display 1 of each item you sell whether it be a shirt, hat or water bottle.This way clients are able to easily see the products and designs without having to sort through sizes or colors. When someone knows what they want someone can grab the exact item they need from storage. Here’s a perfect rack that doesn’t take up too much space!


Pull out a calendar for the year and pick a promo or sale to run throughout the year. Make sure that you set it up so the discount you are giving doesn’t eat up too much of your profit and they don’t have to apply to every client. Here’s some examples you can use:

  • January: New Year, New Products: 20% off old inventory
  • February: #CoupleGoals - 10% off products for each person
  • June: End of School Year Sale - Students get 10% off clothing
  • September: Back to School Year - Teachers get 10% off clothing
  • November: BOGO Sale for Active Members or Veterans 

Get creative and make sure to remind your clients of the sales on social media!

If you would like a no-pressure software consultation with someone from the Wodify team to discuss more about Wodify Core and our Point of Sale system, you can book a call here. Hope to talk to you soon!

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