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Transfer of Training Part 2: It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN

May 16, 2022 by

This ten-part series is discussing the transfer of training to the toughest sport there is: LIFE.

Part one was about how life can get HEAVY and how we can train to better handle these moments. In case you missed it, click here. In part two we move to the inevitable times when “life happens.”

No matter what training style we choose consistently, we are purposely putting ourselves in situations to push ourselves mentally and physically. In tough workouts, it’s not a matter of IF we will get uncomfortable but WHEN it will happen. It could be one minute or forty-five minutes into the workout, but the key factor is that, at some point, we expect it to get uncomfortable. That’s the whole point, right? We know this is what we need to do to push ourselves to new levels of fitness, strength and health.

Life is the toughest form of a daily workout. However, the amount of times we say something like, “I was really on a good fill-in-the-blank routine, then life happened.” Why do we not expect this? We might not know exactly what will pop up, but something always will. New job, lost job, injury, sickness, increased cost, flat tire… you name it. Life will always “happen.”

Does that mean we should walk around with constant stress and anxiety waiting for the next thing to happen? Of course not. What we should do is transfer our training mindset over to life. Sounds simple, but truly executing this is much more difficult.

We know the workout is going to get uncomfortable at some point. Our lungs or muscles will burn or our mind will tell us to quit. Because we expected this, we were also prepared for what we are going to do or say to ourselves to overcome it. The more we do this, the easier it becomes to break down those mental or physical barriers. In life, that “first minute” could be day one or that “forty-fifth” minute could be day forty-five. Regardless, we know obstacles are going to come up. What are we going to do or tell ourselves to overcome it?

It comes down to a personal commitment to ourselves. Change your thinking from IF life will happen to WHEN it does, how will you handle it? How will you keep going to the gym? How will you keep planning your meals? How will you continue to be present and available for your family? How will you continue to be productive in your career?

When it comes to your goals, strength doesn’t care if you had a bad day or don’t want to get up early. Neither does fitness and neither does life. You either do the work required to achieve your goals or you don’t. Period. Setbacks, obstacles and barriers happen to everyone. The ones who consistently handle them and continue to move forward can accomplish amazing things.

Keep breathing, keep moving, expect that things are going to pop up and make a plan to break through those barriers and hurdle the obstacles. You are capable of so much more than you think.

Stay strong. Be good humans. Take care of each other.

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