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How to become a sponsored CrossFit athlete

June 2, 2022 by

Want to know how to become a sponsored CrossFit athlete?

Our favorite big-name athletes all have sponsors who help them cover training costs and put more money into their pockets. In fact, many high-level athletes in any sport rely on sponsorships as their primary source of income.  

The ability to receive sponsorships is not just for the best of the best. Sponsorships are an option for athletes of any level, from the CrossFit Games all the way down to a local gym competition. 

An often misunderstood aspect of sponsorships is that an athlete is usually under the impression that a sponsorship is reserved only for athletes as a reward for their hard work. That they earn sponsorships through hard-fought battles, and businesses pay them for their hard work at their sport. This is a misconception. Another misconception is that the fitness company that sponsors the athlete does so because they want their logo on TV or in front of countless spectators. This is not correct either. So what does the fitness business that sponsors athletes want? A return on their investment.

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