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How to get sponsors for your fitness event

June 2, 2022 by

How to get sponsorships for your fitness event

Holding a fitness event, whether it is a CrossFit event, powerlifting meet, MMA event, a 5K run or something else, you want to make money. To make the most money possible to hold bigger and greater events, you have to have sponsors. In this article, I will teach you how to have your event fully paid for and profitable, even before you sell the first spectator ticket or athlete registration. 

To give a reference to where this information comes from, I have promoted MMA events all over the country, on PPV, I've worked with events on getting them sponsorships, I have worked with fighters to get them sponsorships, and I have been on the other end by sponsoring fitness events of many kinds and sponsoring athletes.  

The rule that smart event promoters follow is that the event should be completely paid for and profitable two weeks before the event by sponsors. The venue, equipment, hired help, awards, everything should have been fully paid for with sponsor money, with money left over so that you are profitable before the event. 

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