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Murph completed

June 2, 2022 by

On Monday, May 30, I completed my first Murph with the Steadfast / Crossfit Plain City Community. As I mentioned in my Murph Prep blog, I subbed rowing in place of the running due to issues with my right hip. I had no expectations going in other than just completing the work. I surprised myself with a time of 48 minutes and 48 seconds for a full Murph. I had time to catch my breath, take a potty break, and cheer on a few more folks before I headed Uptown to watch my guys march by in our town's Memorial Day parade.

The community aspect of Crossfit is hard to describe to those who are familiar with Crossfit. I saw it during the Open back in March and I saw it again during Murph. It's a "shared suffering" for lack of a better term. We commit to an event and we follow through with our comrades by completing the workout. Some lucky Crossfitters have friends & family that come out to cheer everyone on. I think there were at least 3 infants and numerous toddlers that were out supporting Mom and/or Dad during Murph. My husband & son came out long enough to pick up food from the food truck. My son noted that his former high school math teacher looked tired. Well duh, he just finished Murph!!

It was time for me to head home after completing Murph & cheering countless others on as they did Murph. I thanked Coach Jonathan for a great community event. He told me it was time to start thinking about next year's Murph. I laughed and said that I need some restful vacation time and a retreat with friends before I start thinking about Murph 2023.

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