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How Strong do you need to be to get your first rep of each skill?

June 21, 2022 by

If you are trying to get your first pull-up, handstand push-up, toe to bar, rope climb, muscle-up or any other skill I’m sure someone has told you to get stronger. 

But, how strong do you need to get? How much of your body weight are you actually pushing or pulling in these movements?

It reminds me of a documentary I saw on Navy Seal training. They said the time the most recruits quit is not hell week, but on a training exercise where they don't tell them how far they are going. Could be 2 miles...could be 200. This is where most people break. Even if it was 200, some could mentally count that down in their heads to stick with it. The unknown can really mess with your mind, energy and motivation.

I feel this can be the same for a lot of people when it comes to gaining the strength to do their first rep of a skill movement. They can't see the finish line, they don't know how close they are and how far they have to go.

Through the results of a field study we have found strength markers for each movement based on your body weight. This allows you to not only know how close you are to achieving the necessary strength but also reiterates that if you lose weight then you will get there faster. 

Hard work will always pay off, but not having specific numbers to work towards can make the journey a daunting task. Our skill plans provide those numbers for you and give you the progressions to get where you need to be.

It’s time to GO BEYOND.


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