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Healthcare or Sickcare? Pt. 2

June 28, 2022 by
Our Phoenix Friday Flex class


This is where 80% of Americans land. Instead of fixing the root issue (bad diet, sedentary behaviors, high stress levels, poor sleep) they get prescribed another medication. I’m not against doctors or taking medicine, not at all! I’m just very much for you taking your health into your own hands before relying on others. Treating the symptoms of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes so that you don’t have to make a lifestyle change is what’s normal. DON’T BE NORMAL! Todays normal is having obesity along with 1 or 2 other comorbidities. This isn’t a piece telling you not to take your medicine – this is saying add a focus on nutrition and exercise and on your next visit to the doc ask if they see improvements. I bet they will. 

Instead of opting for the weight loss surgery or the “fat burning” pill ask yourself what the issue is. I’d argue it has to do with food choices. Those choices create an environment for us to eat too much of it. Eating too much of it makes us feel bad and it seems impossible to then start exercising when you have no energy, your joints hurt from inflammation, and your blood sugar is crashing. All your brain will tell you at this point is “eat more and do it again”. 

my story

Life is about cycles. Everyday you make a choice to continue down the path you’re on or make a change. This goes for healthy living also, once you’re on the path it’s easier to keep moving forward. You may wonder how I get away with thinking or saying any of this, I’m no doctor! This is very true but what I am is a sickly kid who turned himself into a healthy and capable adult. Between the ages of 4-8 years old I was hospitalized 3 times for asthma attacks. When I’ve taken allergy tests in the past my results came back showing allergies to EVERYTHING, literally. Every item they test I have an allergy to. I first started with exercise which helped my lungs and asthma tremendously. I let my newfound love for fitness fuel my eating habits, now I wanted to treat my body the way it was treating me. This is when the real changes happened. I was able to come off of 4 different daily medications for asthma and allergies. Even today, 12 years into this journey if I fall of the wagon and stop eating well I’ll have issues and get back to having to take daily medicine for my breathing. I didn’t know back then what it meant to feel “good” and now that I do any slip backwards to poorer health is unacceptable and it makes my healthcare much simpler. I’d like to push you to find out for yourself what it means to feel good. Once you do you’ll get away from the traps of Sickcare and be on your own path for Healthcare. We help people make this journey – together we can live happier and healthier lives. 

how we help

The best workout routine out there is the one you’ll stick with. No nutrition plan, diet, or amount of calorie counting is better than the plan that day after day, meal after meal you’ll stick with. So the secret then is to not follow the next fad but to talk to someone who knows the journey. That’s where we come in at Dissent Athletics. Everything we do is coach-led meaning no guess work on your end. If you can make the drive to the gym everything else will not only be taken care of, but it’ll also be fun! Maybe you can’t make the drive due to time commitments or you live too far away? We have you covered there too. Our remote programs can be set up to do with or without equipment at home, or at another gym near you. We also do most of our nutrition programs remote while helping people establish better eating habits and hopefully arming them to never have to rollercoaster diet again. Regardless of your starting point. Regardless of if this is the 1st or 100th program you’ve tried. Regardless of how busy or strapped for time you are. We can help. Click here to schedule a time with us to chat.

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