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Progression Tracking Capabilities for Your Functional Fitness Business

August 5, 2022 by

​​​Are you looking for ways to improve client participation and attendance at your fitness business? If you manage a functional fitness or CrossFit gym, you may have already implemented Performance Tracking, but have you considered creating progressions for your clients so they can set goals and move through a series of different levels as they improve? 

This method of level tracking has been proven to work in Martial Arts businesses, where many students stay engaged for years as they work towards a new belt level. 

Using Wodify Core, other types of fitness businesses can use the same methodology to achieve higher client engagement and, ultimately, run a more profitable business. In fact, Wodify data shows that keeping detailed track of workout performance can increase retention by 20%!

CrossFit recently announced the release of a system that places 2022 CrossFit Open athletes into different levels to ensure fair scoring between competitors. This is just one example of how levels can be used in functional fitness.

Another real-world example is Kulak CrossFit in Chubbuck, Idaho. The owners of Kulak CrossFit have been utilizing Wodify’s Progression tracking feature in a fun way to drive client engagement in their gym.

What Are Progressions?

Progression tracking is a feature within Wodify Core that allows business owners to track clients’ progress through various levels as they develop new skills, hit milestones, or experience different programs.

This feature differs from Wodify Perform in that Perform encourages clients to keep track of their individual performance, but Progression tracking allows them to utilize a gym-wide benchmark to rank up through established levels.

For more information on how to set up progression tracking for your clients, please utilize our help article here.

Developing Levels in Your Business

One benefit of using Progressions in Wodify is that you can have complete control over what levels you define for your business and how clients can achieve them. For example, Kulak CrossFit has set up seven different performance levels ranging from, what they call, Beginner to Kulak Legend. All levels contain various skills, rep counts, and weight amounts within them that each client must accomplish in order to move up a level. 

Kulak’s different classes throughout the week contain different skills clients can complete, and they even went ahead and created a Saturday open gym for clients to complete any skill they have left on their current level’s checklist. 

Once configured in Wodify, clients will have the ability to see their current level and their progress towards their next level all from their mobile Wodify App

Using Wodify Progressions to Track Levels

After diving into Progression tracking capabilities within Wodify Core, Kulak was able to quickly and easily add their level information into Wodify. Here’s how:

1. Within People > Progressions, they added a new Progression called Athlete Performance Levels.

2. Each of the seven levels were added in order of how their clients will progress through them, starting with Beginner and ending with Kulak Legend.

3. Within each level, Kulak added the individual skills, or Progress Trackers, needed to advance to the next level.

4. Clients then began completing skills in class and utilizing Progression Tracking to advance through Kulak’s levels!

Seeing the Impact

At Kulak CrossFit, the only way to make progress towards a level is to achieve performance milestones during group classes and having the coach mark your tracker as complete. 

This not only encourages clients to complete the skill while in class, but also to return for another future class to continue leveling up.

Jamie Bell, a Certified Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and one of Kulak’s admins, says “our clients are way more focused on their performance and excited about seeing what they have left.

Ready to improve your client attendance and retention with Progressions? Get started with Wodify today by talking to a product specialist.

If you implement a new Progressions approach or have additional ideas/suggestions, make sure to tag us, @Wodify, so we can help spread the word to other gyms!

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