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Assault Bike Training (Video Series)

September 8, 2022 by

Testing for Power vs. Endurance

The first place I would start when training on the Assault Bike is by establishing a baseline. In other words, perform some testing to see where you are current at, so you can look back later so you can objectively say you improved.

This first video outlines two tests: max power and aerobic capacity.

Near the end of the video I explain how to interpret your results to see if you are more powerful vs. more enduring.

The 10 Minute Time Trial

The endurance test from the first video is the 10 minute test. It is a time trial where the goal is to accumulate as many calories in possible. In this video I take on the 10 min test and explain my strategy and pacing to maximize my score, allowing you to do the same.

Programming Sprint Work

If you have established that max power production and peak wattage are relative weaknesses, you need to improve your ability to generate power on the bike.

This video dives into how to write effective workouts to improve your max power.

Ramp-Up Intervals

If you have established endurance or pace preservation as more of an issue than peak power output, then you will want to focus on the conditioning aspect of the Assault Bike.

Ramp-Ups are one potent tool that can be used to achieve this boost in capacity. Each interval gets progressively harder the longer you go!

Pedal Action Efficiency

Maximizing your scores on the Assault Bike isn’t just about building a bigger engine. It’s also about minimizing the amount you have to expend at a given output or wattage: economy. By optimizing the way you pedal the bike, you can save those legs!

Maximizing Your Arm Action

Too often the arms are overlooked in the contribution to power on the bike. While they aren't the main driver of the machine, they are an essential part of the power production process.

Next Steps

I hope you put the information in this series to use in your daily training.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to improve your Aerobic Power, check out Cyclical Supremacy.

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