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Captain Obvious: “Heavier Weight”

September 15, 2022 by

Guess what? There are weights in between the programmed levels 😜 

A lot of times we discuss backing off the weight for technical purposes or to ensure you are working towards the right workout stimulus. Solid advice. 

But, we also need to discuss how you climb to the heavier weights. If you are constantly using the 35# dumbbell for every workout, hoping that one day you will be able to suddenly move to the 50# you will be disappointed.

What about the 40#, the 45#? What is holding you back from using those? Your score on the board because it is above Rx but below Rx+?

Whatever it is, you are holding your progress back. If it is a 5 round workout can you use the 45# for 3 rounds? If it is a 10 minute AMRAP can you use the 40# for 5 minutes?

Working strength in and outside of class will definitely help but sooner or later you just have to get used to moving the heavier weight. 

It’s your journey, don’t let your scoreboard ego hold you back.

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