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Are you coaching or managing?

September 20, 2022 by

You are not there to just make sure everyone stays safe.

You are not there to shout endless words of encouragement.

You are there to coach.

Does this involve making sure people are not going to wreck themselves? Yes.

Does this involve encouraging everyone to push to the best of their ability? Yes.

However, the number on thing you are there for is to help people move more efficiently and effectively.

Think of coaching each movement in a one-on-one setting. Do you feel confident? If not, then this is an area of opportunity for you. Learn more about the key points, corrections and cues.

If you have multiple sections of class (you should IMO), there are different focuses for these sections.

First section: strength, skill, Olympic Lifting, etc. This is the time for very individualized feedback. You have time in between sets to really discuss technical fixes for each member in the class.

Second section: MetCon, WOD, or whatever you call it at your gym. Quick, but effective individual feedback. Things like dropping under the weight, getting your elbows through, snapping your hips on a KB swing, knees out on the dip before going overhead. You do not stop and discuss, you coach and fix on the fly.

Coach your classes, don’t just manage them.

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