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Captain Obvious Series: FAFO Mindset

October 27, 2022 by

“What Ifs” don’t have to be about the past. They can also be about your future.

Instead of thinking, ‘What if I would have focused more on my snatch technique in the past, where COULD I be today?’ Change that to ‘What if I focus on my snatch technique starting today where WILL I be?’

Unfortunately, simply thinking about cool $h!t doesn’t make it happen…action does.

Want to know where you will be if you focus on your snatch technique? F$#k around with an empty barbell or light weight consistently for repeated repetitions and find out.

Want to know where you will be if you track your macros? F$#k around on MyFitnessPal and find out.

Want to know where you will be if you invest in your improvement as a coach? F$#k around at training seminars and find out.

Want to know where your physical and mental limits are? F$#k around well BEYOND your comfort zone and find out.

With anything in life, you will only truly know if you F$#k around and find out.

What do you want to find out about?

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