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Why We Pay More For CrossFit (And Love It)

October 28, 2022 by
Value of CrossFit membership

TL;DR - As CrossFitters, we don’t pay $10 a month because we know the results that come with that price. Instead, we’re happy to pay a premium for membership because we see the value in ridiculously awesome differentiators like community, coaching and programming.

In the age of home gyms, virtual training and (let’s face it) sedentary lifestyles, CrossFitters are an anomaly. Your friends may have said things like, “You pay what to work out?!” And that’s cool because we know something they don’t: The value is exponentially higher than the price.

If your friend has never set foot in a CrossFit gym, chances are they’ve only compared prices when gym shopping. Every fitness program out there claims they’re the best and oftentimes, the only difference an outsider can see is price. 

The value of CrossFit membership

Here are six things that make your CrossFit membership pretty dope:


Community is more important than ever in this post-pandemic world. Our friends and family are working out alone in their garages or sitting behind a computer all day. Even though we don’t realize it, we crave personal connection. Fortunately for CrossFitters, we have a fun and supportive community of people waiting to cheer us on at the gym.

And it’s not just about fitness. Chances are, you’ve developed friendships at the gym and your “cheers” sometimes go out to people for personal accomplishments outside those four walls. 

If you’re not already getting together consistently for community events, ask your gym owner if you can help plan something. Whether it’s a ball game, group dinner or seasonal event like  a haunted house outing, aim to get together once per month. This is a great way for new members to meet other people at the gym, or invite non-member friends who might be intimidated to try a class. 


Solid, intentional programming gets you results. Even though you’ve developed friendships and learned a lot about yourself, your primary goal in joining the gym was probably related to improving your health and fitness.

One of the key differentiators between CrossFit and a big box gym is the results-driven programming. You’re not walking into a giant room of treadmills and weight machines with no idea where to start. You get to just walk into your gym every day and the plan is already mapped out for you.

The other factor in programming is the constant variety of CrossFit. Talk to anyone who’s joined a gym with one specific focus (i.e. yoga, cycling, boxing) and ask them how quickly they got bored. By varying the movements, workout duration and intensity levels, you can stay motivated with CrossFit for years.

Need proof of these awesome benefits? Take a look around your gym. You’ll definitely be able to find some success stories of how consistently following the CrossFit programming produces results.


The team of coaches at your gym are there to help you succeed. They care about your success and they’ve put in a ton of work to create the best possible experience for you. Even the first step of getting certified to coach a CrossFit class is not an easy process.

Coaches know that you have the option to work out elsewhere, so it’s their job to coach you safely and efficiently to get you the best results. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of solid coaching, it’s hard to go back to flying solo.


Although this might be a less-obvious perk to your membership, there’s something to be said for well-maintained, quality equipment. If your gym owner works hard to keep everything clean and encourages members to take care of equipment like it’s their own, show them some love. Equipment doesn’t have to be brand new but when it’s obvious that it’s well-maintained, you have a visual example of the level of diligence your gym owner applies throughout the gym. 


If you’ve ever walked into a huge, crowded gym without a plan, you can appreciate the value of convenience. At your CrossFit gym, you know you’ll never have to figure out what you’ll be doing that day or get in line for a piece of equipment. 

It’s pretty epic to know all you have to do is walk in the door, and your coach and community will take it from there. Your workouts are pre-written and coaches are ready to guide you through the class. This convenience definitely provides value in your membership, taking things off your plate and eliminating stress.


There’s a reason at-home workouts generally have a short cycle of success. Having accountability - to show up and to keep going - is a game-changer for results. 

Your accountability gets delivered at your CrossFit gym in several ways:

  1. Your coaches will provide accountability inside the gym, offering guidance and encouragement until the workout is complete. 
  2. Your community is a natural accountability system. When you develop friendships, you get built-in accountability partners, who will support you inside and outside of your gym’s walls.
  3. Your class attendance is a trackable accountability tool. If you start to fall off your routine, hopefully your gym owner, coaches and members notice. When you know they care, you’re more likely to show up.

In Summary: Take My Money

CrossFit is a different price than other fitness options because it’s a different experience. Your friends and family might not understand the value if they’ve simply price-shopped. The experience comes from your community and the convenience. Results come from the programming, coaching and accountability. Throw in the well-maintained equipment from the small business owner running your gym and that’s why we know that the value of a CrossFit membership far outweighs the price. 

Are you a gym owner? Check out this "Vibe Check" to see how your gym measures up in 2022!

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