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December 16, 2022 by

Not your usual transformation...

When 2020 hit me, like many I was stressed out gained weight and fell in a eating for comfort circle I just couldn’t break. 

I knew the way to loosing fat but I just couldn’t do it. It felt terrible. 

May 2021 I came down with COVID19 Symptoms. 

Tested on a Monday where results came back positive. 

3 Days later, went to bed craving some sushi and woke up to no sense of taste or smell….

At first, I freaked out: what?! no more ice cream? no more pizza? what about my sushi…!?

Then I thought: well, if i have no taste, or smell then anything i eat would be the same…  so i thought: hey, why no use this in my favor instead of thinking what I had lost or wouldn't taste. 

I messaged my nutritionist and asked to help me out with the most strict diet ever flavor wise, then this new journey begun. 

It was all the same, like eating styrofoam (not that i’ve eaten it, but as a kid i did lick it once and remember the tasteless sensation -  weird kid… hey I CrossFit!) so i thought: why don’t i try to make my nutrition more “clean?” … so i focused on fish, plain water, vegetables and very little carbs at first. Little red meat and no sugars or processed food.

To make an example of the ideas I was trying: instead of the nice protein shake, id have tuna with water blended and drank it. No smell, no taste. It was all the same… 

As time passed, i started to feel much better in my training with this new “diet”… better sleep, less stressed, more active, healthier…. hadn’t had that sensation in years, started to loose weight, feel more active, and lots of energy.

Fast forward 1 year 7 months, kept the lifestyle, feeling amazing. 

Some flavors have come back, others are modified, but eating “clean” to label it, has made it such an incredible improvement in health, its become a lifestyle. 

Now 43, never been healthier and felt better, amazed on how eating will improve all in your life. 

Been trying now quality of foods, nutrient focused: fresh caught fish, little red meat consumption, certain carbs and experimenting. 

Tracking my health with apps and smart watches, its amazing the effects food has on your day to day. 

Traveling: yup. had some trips here and there… what to do with food? well, all is great!, none is bad! as it isn’t better or worse… unless some ingredients are present that now give me a modified taste like onion or garlic… so im happy to eat where ever, even a tuna can from the local shop, just ingredient focused, flavors don't matter...

What I take from this: we haven't yet dimensioned the sugar dependency we have. Food will affect your health in ways we don't even imagine. I know its been said everywhere, but after really living it, it puts it in another perspective. 

Stoked to see in the next open how I feel. (no I won't make it to the games, im a normal athlete, not elite. Your usual person who just loved CrossFit and working out.

Remember: things have 2 sides. which will we take? 

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