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Deadlift PR…

March 23, 2023 by

Ah the deadlift... my lower back's nemesis! I wrote a bit about my negative experiences in the past in my first post. Since those dramas I've had a private session with my coach where we focused primarily on the initial lift from the ground, but also the importance of maintaining the solid structure when lowering the weight back down. This combined with 'not being a hero' during other deadlift workouts has landed me with a new PR!

Prior to joining my 1RM was 142.5kg (along with an injured back), and this morning I comfortably lifted 150kg (so far so good in relation to my back)! I say comfortably... it was heavy, but I feel there's more to be had. The initial lift off the ground still isn't the best, but once the weight was up it kept going relatively easily.

One of my goals is to hit double body weight (~165kg), and after this morning I'm feeling a lot better about achieving it.

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