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Chalk It Up To Greatness: Emma McQuaid

April 7, 2023 by

With fearless tenacity Emma McQuaid blitzes through life. She was on wheels at age 2 and competing at 6. Quad racing dominated Emma’s life until a devastating accident left her husband, David, paralyzed from the waist down. During David’s rehab, Emma discovered CrossFit. At age 23, Emma traded her stiff motocross boots for a pair of cross trainers and went full-throttle into the world of the unknown and unknowable. 

Emma Quad Racing

It has paid off. Over the past 10 years, she has skyrocketed up the leaderboards. Her most recent accomplishments are a  220 lb thruster during the 2023 open, 1.5 times her body weight! At the Rogue Invitational in 2022, she massacred Event 8, 3RDS: 20 dumbbell snatch (70lb) /9 deficit handstand pushups, in 6:17:96 capturing first place in the event! 

Emma is a steadfast learner, masterful athlete, and supportive coach. Her victories extend from competition to coaching, building her own affiliate in Northern Ireland, starting her own training program, The Daily Grind, and guiding other athletes to greatness. 

Watch out for Emma as she continues to get airtime, progressing to the CrossFit Games in 2023 then team in 2024. There’s no bottoming out for this girl. Braaaap. Braaaap. 

Emma was kind enough to share with us the secrets to her success. 

When did you start CrossFit? How did you get into the sport?

EM: I found it over in the states and got started Started in end 2013 just before 2014 open and have never looked back 

What are you most proud of? 

EM: Winning Wodapolza. Making it back to back 4 times to CF Games. 

To what do you attribute your success? 

EM: Hard work and determination. 

How does CrossFit training improve your life? 

EM: It allows you to be fit for anything. Swimming, running, rock climbing, hiking, paddle board etc it gives you the skills and fitness to be able to adapt quickly. 

What are your values? 

EM: To always be hard working and proud of my efforts. 

What do you tell yourself (or do) when you meet a challenge in a CrossFit wod? 

EM: When it starts to get hard in a workout I just start counting the reps to start breaking it up to give myself something to aim for. 

How does this mindset help you grow and evolve through difficulty? 

EM: It’s the same in life. You look at your mortgage and think 'how will I pay that back?' but break it down into monthly chunks and it’s achievable.

What brings you joy?

EM: David, Ellie and my family 

Emma, David, & Ellie

What is your favorite CrossFit Wod or movement? 

EM: I don’t really have a favorite Wod. Over the years, I have changed as an athlete so much but I'd have to say PSHSPU would be good for me. 

What CrossFit athlete do you most admire and why?

EM: Sam Briggs. The amount I have learnt from her over our friendship has helped me form into the athlete I am today. Her work ethic, discipline is second to none. 

Emma & Sam

How can the community support you?

EM: Bring the hype to Berlin! 

Oh, we will bring it, Emma! Excited to watch your continued success!

Train with Emma:

Connect with Emma on Insta @mcquaid175

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