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Hook Grip FTW…

April 21, 2023 by

Apparently the hook grip helps you lift a lot more weight... who knew?! Likely most of you, but I sure didn't!

A workout this week called for 5 sets of 3 deadlifts at 75-80% of our 1RM. This put me at 120kg, but I pushed up a bit to 130kg after the warm up. A few people in the session were talking about the hook grip and how it helped, but also hurt. Having tried it only once before I could definitely agree that it hurt!

With my background in Jiu Jitsu my grip strength is actually pretty good, so I've always avoided the pain, and therefore avoided the hook grip. I got through 4 sets and my lifting partner 'convinced' me to give it a go on the final set. So I did, and it hurt... but wow did the bar lift off the ground easier!

I was actually pretty surprised at the difference it made. Needless to say I've just bought some thumb tape and will be trying to use the hook grip more often!

I mean, is it really CrossFit if there's no pain?

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