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July 27, 2023 by

At the end of my first post, I listed a few long and shorth term goals that I had in training...

  • Double bodyweight deadlift (~160kg)
  • Back squat 120kg
  • Bench 120kg
  • Clean 100kg (with good form!)
  • String together kipping bar muscle ups
  • Land a kipping ring muscle up (and perhaps string a few together)
  • Hold a handstand for 30+ seconds

After the past couple of weeks, I think it's a good time to check in as the results are pretty positive!

Deadlift: Done! (see update in comments) Well, not technically double bodyweight, but I think I can manage 165kg next time.

Back squat: We haven't done many recently as we've been focusing more on the front squats. However, this morning I did manage 3 reps at 100kg with relative ease, so I don't think a 1RM at 120kg is far away.

Bench: A recent bench PR had me at 110kg. I think 120kg is very manageable in the short to mid-term.

Clean: In a recent testing week I managed a 1RM at 100kg! I wouldn't say it was the cleanest clean (pun very much intended), but I did it. Only real issue I had was coming out of the squat. While I can front squat 100kg, given all the reps leading up to the 1RM I was pretty spent. It took me a good 5-10 seconds to stand it up (plenty of time for everyone to notice!). Once I shook off the head spins, I was pretty happy.

Kipping bar muscle ups: This was a journey... so much so that I'll write a separate post (watch this space). Long story short, I did it! In a recent testing week one of the workouts called for bar 3 muscle ups in multiple rounds. I managed all rounds with 3 unbroken, so finally nailed the kipping rhythm I needed.

Kipping ring muscle up: We have only done strict muscle ups on the rings, so I haven't nailed these yet. I'm confident I have the strength; it'll be the technique that gets me. It'll happen though!

Handstand hold: I've managed ~20 seconds, but not 30+. This is not a consistent thing for me at all. It's one of those frustrating movements that requires everything to come together at the same time. I don't have the techniques to manage the micro adjustments required while upside down. We have spent a bit of time on handstand walks, and these are getting far more comfortable for me, so I'll take that win.

Time to set some new goals!

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