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Chalk It Up To Greatness: Travis Mead

July 27, 2023 by

Iron Valley CrossFit in Clackamas, Oregon is lead by the Trojan horse of CrossFit, Travis Mead. This strongman's shock power electrifies. For a decade, Mead has been motivating his members with dynamic intensity. Encouraging words end with a charged "LLEEETTTSSS GGGOOOOOO!!!!" Travis Mead is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping regardless of the circumstances.

Mead armors himself for surprise attacks by endeavoring in challenges that most of us would scale to a lengthy degree. Mead's indomitable will dares competition like his favorite Marvel Character, Captain America, displaying superhuman skills.

Bodybuilding was the CrossFit gateway for Mead. It awakened the wrath of his curiosity to the limits of physical strength. Lifting competitions followed in his pursuit of colossal brawn. When Travis discovered CrossFit in 2013, he opened a Mario Kart of methods to fortify his mind and body. A decade of fitness mutated Mead's pain threshold.

My workouts are preparedness, not  punishment. I like to push myself and see how far I can take my body. I want to be as fit and well rounded as possible. When someone asks: “Hey, want to go climb this mountain or do this competition or run this race?”  I’ll be ready!!  

Travis Mead

Travis took on the West Coast regionals four years in a row then transitioned to creating his own competitions. ’24 hours of Murph,’ ‘356 Hero WODs in a Year,’ and ‘1000 Hero WODs in a Year’ are a few of the epic challenges Travis has conquered. 

Travis Mead's record for accomplishing insane tests of fitness is monumental. The time, training, and human horsepower needed to complete each feat demands an artifice of will. Mead’s vigor is off the charts but that's not his preeminent quality of greatness. More so, is the generosity he shares with his community Iron Valley CrossFit. Travis' devotion to his members is his personal record. As a coach, he is the drill sergeant with a heart of gold. Worthiness is achieved by encouraging everyone with a megaphone that they can do it too. 


To which we all salute: “YES SIR, COACH!”

MCU: Travis, what is the next challenge you have planned for yourself? 

My next Challenge is the “Strongman Marathon” is 26.2 Miles of running and certain Strongman type events! The only guy that I know of to finish this was in 9 Hours and 18 Min.

On November 18, 2023, I will be doing it at Clackamas High school track which is down the road from the gym so I can have an accurate distance!!! Streaming via Facebook and live updates!! LLLEEETTTSSS GGGOOOOOOO!!!!

MCU: What drives you to greatness? 

My drive is doing things that no one else would dare to try! Doing something that pushes me so far into that dark place that's so uncomfortable that no one would dare go there!  I love the pain and suffering!!! Doing something that pushes me mentally and physically to see how far I can take it! And to show people that YOU can achieve greatness! Fitness is my passion! You can accomplish anything you want!!! You just have to work your ass off for it!! 

Travis Mead, Trojan Horse: Photo @kiloflexfitness

MCU: Is the ability to overcome difficulty your superpower?

I like to think that I have a superpower to overcome and push past any difficult situation! I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last April and I had a 24 Hour MURPH challenge scheduled for August 5th. I was in the hospital for 2 days getting test after test; shot after shot and all I was thinking was: “When am I gonna get back to training to get ready for this challenge?  Let’s see how fast I can get this under control so I can get back at it”! Many people thought I was crazy! I'm gonna do 24 hours of MURPH right after my Type 1 diagnosis? People who doubted me said:  That's not good for you.  You're going to hurt your body. You're being reckless!  I am not one to care what people think.  I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t complain, “why me?” I speak with action! I went and did the 24 Hours of MURPH and completed 14 of them on no sleep and guess what I am still here.

MCU: What is the benefit to achieving such punishing goals? 

My workouts are preparedness, not  punishment. I like to push myself and see how far I can take my body. I want to be as fit and well rounded as possible. When someone asks: “Hey, want to go climb this mountain or do this competition or run this race?”  I’ll be ready!!  

MCU: Do you think you have a special ability to push through pain? 

In my early days of CrossFit I started to notice that when I reached a certain pain threshold my mental capacity played a huge role in my ability to keep going regardless of how I felt. I wanted to train my physical and mental capacity. Once a month I would program long, demanding workouts- things that tested my mind. I would throw on a weight vest and do burpee broad jumps for a mile or pull a sled for 5 miles! I wanted to test my will power to see what I could mentally and physically take. That’s what led to these challenges! The ‘24 Hours of Murph' was a great test of my mental strength last year and I don't think I would have been able to finish that if I didn't train like I do! 

Travis & Kori: Photo @rebekahpuppophotography

MCU: Does your wife, Kori, ever participate in any of your challenges?

My first “hangout” with Kori was doing MURPH. I love her and  I don’t know what I would do without her! She is literally amazing.  She  is fit as well and joins in with  me on workouts. She jumped in with me numerous times when I did  the ‘1000 Hero Wods in a Year’ challenge. She also did the 24 Hours of MURPH with me! She scales what she needs and puts in the work! 

MCU: What is the difference between courage and cowardice? 

Courage is getting up and taking that first step!!! Cowardly behavior is not trying at all! If you are willing to  put in the work, it will pay off and you will achieve your goals! I am not saying that everyone should go do 1000 Hero WODs or 24 Hours of MURPH but if your goal is to lose 20 pounds or run a 5K then stop making excuses and put in the work!! I am here to tell you that  there is no one to blame but yourself.  Nobody’s got time for excuses! LLLEEETTTSSS GGGOOOOOOOO!!!!

Travis training for the Strongman Marathon

MCU: How do you maintain powerful mental strength? 

I make it a priority to train my mental capacity! I do long, brutal, and down right uncomfortable workouts once a month or more to keep my mind in check! When I was doing the 1000 hero wods, I told myself this man/woman gave their life to save others so I can suffer a little longer and keep going! I kept that person in my mind. Things could be worse so I am thankful I have the opportunity to do this workout!!

MCU: How do we build an iron power of will?

  • Check out my posts on IG or FB!  Get motivated, try some workouts and spread that motivation to others in their lives! 
  • I am doing another 24 Hours MURPH in August. It will be a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation! I will keep posting my crazy challenges and hope to inspire others! 
  • For the month of August I will be running 100 Miles. That is an average of a 5k run a day! This will go along with all my other training so it will get spicy! I encourage everyone to try it out! Maybe not 100 miles but something attainable! You will be surprised what you can do if you put in the work!!!!
  • Contact me by emailing [email protected]
Iron Valley CrossFit: Photo @pnw.mermaidvixen

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