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Niki Brazier: Living a Fulfilling Life

September 18, 2023 by

Niki Brazier slays with a mic in her hand. Vivacious energy and intelligence give her an unmatched dynamism as a CrossFit sideline reporter and media host. When she is giggin, she is fire. 

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in broadcast journalism, Brazier’s career went positively mayhem. Niki launched her post-college career in 2010 as a local TV journalist in Bangor, Maine.  She planned to stay in Maine as a TV reporter for a few years then move on, climbing the ladder of journalism. She envisioned herself on the front lines of battle landing an anchor position at a large media outlet. From this position, she could document impactful events and make a difference in the world. Today, Niki Brazier stands on the front lines of CrossFit relaying athlete stories that inspire the global fitness community. Niki’s commitment to personal growth anchored her to a life of fulfillment.

While in Maine, Niki met her husband Matt. They shared a wanderlust for life. After a four year courtship, they married in 2014. Becoming a wife didn't diminish Niki’s drive. A loving partner brought support to her life. The Brazier’s moved from Maine to Rhode Island in 2013 where Niki worked at a local TV station.  That year, she began to freelance as a reporter for CrossFit events. 

Family was not on the agenda for this career-driven woman but a speech at a family wedding shifted Niki’s view on motherhood. Niki and Matt welcomed Hunter into the world the week after the 2021 CrossFit Games. Niki demonstrates to the world that women can live fulfilling lives during pregnancy, with children or without children. A woman’s worth is infinite regardless of her marital status or the number of children she has.

The resume of Niki Brazier is lined with endless achievements. She continues freelance for various CrossFit media outlets, contributing with her effervescent spirit. Brazier co-hosts the podcast Kettlebells & Cocktails with John Wooley. Niki also works full time as co-owner and Client Management Director for FireTeam, a digital marketing agency, where she utilizes her expert communication and relationship skills. 

When Niki Brazier picked up a camera at the age of 5, her passion for storytelling began and remained steadfast. Ambition gained her worldwide success. Niki Brazier brings a valuable perspective of wisdom. She teaches love, balance, and relentless pursuit of goals guides you to fulfillment.

I feel accomplished when it comes to the tasks I complete. Accomplishment boosts self-confidence helping me skip from one duty to another. This helps reconcile parts of my life that feel big and overwhelming. 

Niki Brazier
Niki Brazier, CrossFit reporter
Photo source: @reporternicole

Q: What are three components for a fulfilling life?

First, being surrounded by love. Love is being near friends and family - people (and my dogs)  who make me laugh, smile, and support me. Unconditional love is second to none.

Emotional connections to one another humanize us. As someone who deals with anxiety, I feel most at peace when I realize I’m not going through something alone. We’re all on this crazy rollercoaster of life together, living experiences that are different… but the same. Feeling things that are different… but the same. Knowing this gives me peace with issues I face. Being able to share thoughts, concerns, questions, and wins with others fills my cup.

Spending time with my son and being a mom is love on a whole other level. It’s a type of love I knew was possible but wasn’t looking. For many years my husband and I decided we didn’t want children. When we changed our minds and ended up in a place where it felt right for us and our relationship, we still weren’t expecting the kind of change that came over us when we became parents. When it happened, it strengthened my concept of love - both giving and receiving. Love makes me feel fulfilled in life.

A second component for a fulfilling life is balance. It’s undeniable that there are aspects of our daily lives that are tedious, difficult, boring, annoying, etc - the things we don’t have a choice in doing. Work is often at the top of that list. You’d think an element of a fulfilling life is throwing all of those heavy, burdensome tasks out the window and living a completely unbothered life. It’s not. Fulfillment comes from the balance of understanding the necessities surrounding life’s less-than-ideal responsibilities, and ensuring that we have enough room on the opposite side of the spectrum for things that bring us joy, and rest. 

Since I started my business in 2020, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Then, I added in starting a family. There are certain aspects of my life that haven’t seen balance in over 3 years. But a steady support system around me props me up when I can't find balance on my own. This brings me back to the importance of love.

Chique chicken farmer, Niki Brazier
Photo credit: Whitney Kono Photography

Coming out on the other side of overwhelming responsibilities feeling good about what I accomplished is how I move through life motivated and fulfilled. Accomplishment, the third component to fulfillment, is feeling good about what you’re doing and putting out into the world. I don’t need to feel great about every single thing I do or every move I make. I feel accomplished when it comes to the tasks I complete. Accomplishment boosts self-confidence helping me skip from one duty to another. This reconciles parts of my life that feel big and overwhelming. 

Q: What brings you peace and helps you reset?

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work after staring at a screen all day and dealing with issues that are both mundane and urgent all at once, stepping outside and being in nature really helps me feel centered. Going for a walk, taking time in my garden, sitting on my front steps for a minute and watching my dogs run around helps me reset.  Breathing in fresh air and using nature to separate myself from the hustle and bustle of the things that can cause me stress is peaceful.

Brazier Family
Photo source: @reporternicole

Spending time with my husband and son also resets me. Running after a toddler isn’t the most relaxing activity but seeing the little things that bring a smile to his face or make him laugh, watching him interact with my husband and noticing how similar they are, fills my heart. It’s simple, like when we’re going on a walk or grabbing lunch together. That feeling is a different kind of peace and reset. It gives me perspective when I’m away from the two of them and trying to trudge through life’s daily tasks.

Lastly, I love to get lost in a good book. The right book can carry me away from reality in a way that gives me a break away from the things that stress me out. Usually I end up reading too late into the night, when I should be sleeping. But once I’m in a book, I’m in it until it’s done.

For athlete stories and inspiration, follow Niki Brazier on Instagram and YouTube.

***Cover photo credit: Whitney Kono Photography

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