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Action Feeds Motivation.

September 20, 2023 by

So often the hardest part of anything is getting started.

And this is largely still true for me after 15 years of fitness without taking off more than 10 days at any point.

Most days at least a small part of me wants to skip my training.  Maybe just one more snooze or another 15 minutes before I set aside my work.

Then the window I’ve allotted myself to train slips away.

So often the hardest part is getting started.

But the good news is that once I’m going things tend to get better.  

Sure the workout is still challenging -that’s the point- but it’s actually not that hard to give a bit of effort once “I’m already here and doing the thing.”

Action feeds motivation.

So, just show up.

If you’re the type of person who lets the important things (like prioritizing fitness) be overcome by the urgent things, then having a coach and community in your corner is a game changer.

I know the importance of this type of support and it’s one of the reasons I opened a gym.

I opened a gym to help people like you and me.  

So take the steps to get started today and begin your journey.

It’s not complicated.

Action feeds motivation.

Just show up.

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