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September 29, 2023 by

When Morning Chalk Up sent the triathlon survey last week, I answered. I have completed many triathlons in my day, but only tackled a Half Ironman after I started doing CrossFit. And thank goodness for that! It is my strong belief that I would not have finished (or would not have finished feeling as strong) if I did not have the strength that I gained from doing CrossFit.

When I came to CrossFit in 2010, I was an aways-injured, broken-down runner. Crossfit made me strong enough to stave off running injuries, and I was then able to train for endurance events without getting the common overuse injuries. I took the CrossFit Endurance certification class and began to use that methodology for my training, and never looked back. I subsequently PR'd my Half Marathon, qualified for the NYC Marathon, and successfully completed a Half Ironman.

I am an L2 CrossFit Coach, and was also the Endurance Coach at my box for many years. I have coached countless athletes for running, triathlon and rowing events. The Ironman survey jolted me into realizing that I could and should create a business offering endurance coaching specifically for CrossFit athletes. So was born

If you do CrossFit, an "off-the-shelf" training plan will not work. It is entirely likely that you will run too much, CrossFIt too much, and break down prior to race day. I create one-on-one personalized training programs that take into account your longevity in CrossFit, your past endurance experience, and the event you would like to complete.

Interested in training SMART for your next (or first!) endurance event? Hit me up at [email protected]

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