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Accessory Programming to Improve Your Fitness & Keep Your Joints Healthy

November 3, 2023 by

One of the most common questions I get from the athletes who regularly attend our classes is…

“How do I put additional work on my weak points without getting too fatigued or wind up in joint pain?”

Rarely is the answer just adding in more CrossFit MetCons.

And the fact that an athlete is asking this question shows the person understands the consequences of adding in more CrossFit without having a robust aerobic system and resilient joints to support it.

Personally, I’ve seen different gyms tackle answering this question for their members in different ways, from supplemental competitor workouts to extra credit lifting pieces.

At Lumber Capital Athletics, our answer is weekly “Vegetables.”

As you can see in every single week of our previous programming, our members are encouraged to do these vegetables.

Vegetables are a combination of easy aerobic conditioning, joint health and midline work to accumulate as the athlete sees fit throughout their week, typically before or after class.

Here’s an example of our current week…

At Any Point This Week
Accumulate; as you see fit
-400 Single Unders
-50 Hanging Knee Raises
-60 Banded Lat Row
-70 Calorie Bike; choice
-80 Hollow Rocks

And just like vegetables, the more of this type of work you complete -within reason- has lots of benefits and very little downside.

The time commitment and energy expenditure is low and the advantages are significant.

That’s why our staff is always encouraging members to “do their vegetables.”

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