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Programming for Tactical Games Athletes

November 4, 2023 by

The Tactical Games are rapidly growing, especially amongst the CrossFit community. This should be a surprise to no one, considering CrossFit’s rich history with training military & law enforcement personnel.

And especially in those two demographics, the carryover of Tactical Games training as “functional” fitness is second to none.

Yet with the growth of any new fitness testing body comes some unique challenges.  Which is why today I dive into programming considerations for the Tactical Games Athlete.

#1: Be a Good Marksman.

Many of the people entering into TTG (The Tactical Games) space are well versed in the “fitness” side of the competition, but they often lack precise shooting, regardless of their fatigue level.

Therefore it becomes paramount that the athlete gets quality reps on the range.

This can only be done if the rest of athletes' training is organized in a way that allows them to be as fresh and focused as possible on those days.

This balancing act is something that Blayr Drumm, multi-time podium finisher at TTG Nationals, discussed with me on this podcast.

#2: Odd Objects are King.

One of the major differences on the fitness side of things between CrossFit and The Tactical Games is the prevalence of odd objects.

Due to the nature of doing live competition with firearms, events (aka. stages) are usually completed with significantly more strongman implements and “odd objects” than most CrossFit competitions.

This is why our coaches focus heavily on the use of sandbags, farmer’s handles, yokes, axel bars and the like.

#3: Run & Gun.

Now, there’s a reason I mentioned first and foremost about being a good marksman.  Because frankly it doesn’t matter how fast you go on the fitness aspects of TTG if you miss your targets.

However, the better the marksman the more important the other aspects of their game become.  One of the most obvious skills is the importance of being able to maneuver one’s own body.

Being able to travel quickly and manage one’s heart rate while in a weight carrier and carrying their weapon is a tall task.

The athlete being able to execute weighted running in a variety of settings and terrains is critical to success as a tactical games athlete.

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