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What Should An Active Recovery Day Look Like for CrossFit Classes?

January 15, 2024 by

When strategic and calculated, a recovery day can provide a host of benefits.

Benefits of Recovery Days

(1) Improved Circulation, Mood & Alertness
(2) Reduced Inflammation & Joint Irritation
(3) Accelerated Recovery (Increased Parasympathetic Tone)
(4) Improved Range of Motion & Movement Quality
(5) Improved Aerobic Function & Muscular Endurance

The goal of a recovery day should be to take advantage of as many of these aspects as possible.

We’ve done this for our gym a number of ways in the past, but our classes this training cycle have used what I call Aerobic Accessory.

Aerobic Accessory is a great tool because it can improve an athlete’s aerobic function, muscular endurance, and core strength while producing minimal fatigue for future training sessions.

Sample Recovery Day

Aerobic Accessory
[45:00 Clock]
-10 Pallof Press / way
-30-45s Sorenson Hold
-6-9 DB Bent Over Row / arm
-4 KB Farmer's Carry (50ft) 70/53's
-1 Turkish Get Up / arm 53/35lb
-8 Bottom Half Burpee
-8 V-Ups
-8 Plate Pullover 15/10lb
-1:00 AirBike; cruise pace

5:00 Supine Breathing @ 3060 Cadence

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