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?️ Should Rogue Get Its Games Ticket Back?

Morning Chalk Up

August 12

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Happy Humpday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Loud & Live Sports is looking to field a demo team that spans the fitness community, both in terms of skill level and age group, Patrick Clark has more. And, now that the CrossFit Games has announced an online first-stage to this year’s competition, it’s worth discussing whether the athletes in the Rogue Invitational “qualifier spots” deserve a berth.

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Loud & Live Sports Looking for Demo Team Athletes


Loud & Live Sports is looking to add to their growing team in the CrossFit and fitness competition realm. In an Instagram post they announced that they are looking for athletes to make-up their Demo Team for their competitions.

Join the team: Loud & Live Sports are looking for athletes of all fitness levels as well as teen and masters to demonstrate the standards, movements and workouts for their upcoming five fitness competitions. Interested parties must fill out an application to be considered for the position.

  • Athletes selected will be ineligible to compete at the competitions that Loud & Live hosts. Those competitions include the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival, West Coast Classic, Madrid Championships, Granite Games and Mayan Classic.
  • Selected athletes will also be asked to help test the workouts that are programmed for their events prior to the competitions.
  • Athletes are needed for the Elite, RX, Intermediate, Scaled, and Beginner divisions, including all ages from Teens to Masters.
  • Athletes must be available to test 3-5 workouts per week leading up to each/any of the Loud & Live Events.
  • Compensation includes clothing and gear from Loud & Live partners and sponsors as well as tickets to the events.

One big thing: Loud & Live is all in when it comes to throwing their full schedule of events in 2021 after having all but one of their competitions canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Their five competitions will run independently from the 2021 CrossFit season as the direction of the upcoming Games season is unknown. The hiring of a demo team staff shows they are moving on with their own season and that they are looking to improve the quality of their events.


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Should The Rogue Invitational Get Its Games Tickets Back?

  Should The Rogue Invitational Get Its Games Tickets Back?  

One way or another, a CrossFit Games champion will be crowned (hopefully) in October of 2020, but the most recent announcements about moving to a two-part format that includes yet another online qualifying portion to get to Aromas means that this year’s iteration will hardly resemble what we’ve come to know the Games to be.

HQ’s willingness to bend the rules of the competition to adjust and account for the fast evolving nature of the world’s current situation amidst the coronavirus pandemic makes sense as the only way forward if having a physical in-person competition remains a top priority.



Lift For Life Gym: Helping Underprivileged Youth in St. Louis Since 1988

  Lift For Life Gym: Helping Underprivileged Youth in St. Louis Since 1988  

For 32 years, Lift for Life Gym has been using weightlifting to help inner city youth in St. Louis, MO.

  • “The program started as a way to keep teens off the street in the late 80s. There are a ton of gangs around here, so the founder bought some weights and provided kids a free place to workout,” said Joe Miller, the executive director of the charity for the last 10 years.

The details: Today, Lift For Life has more than 400 participants between the ages of 8 and 18, some of whom are competitive Olympic weightlifters who have gone on to compete nationally and internationally.




Armen Hammer Talks about Romantic Trips with Justin LoFranco

“Justin and I always find ourselves in oddly romantic places…but only when he’s booking the AirBNB’s, by the way.” Check out this episode of the Team TAC podcast with Armen Hammer; the crew discusses Hammer’s fitness journey, his relationship with Morning Chalk Up Editor-in-Chief, Justin LoFranco, and how grueling the 2020 Games may be for athletes.

  Morning Chalk Up  



Coaches Can Revolutionize Healthcare

People are unhealthy. The healthcare system is a disaster.  It’s time for a change, we have a plan to fix it and we’d like you to join us.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Supinated Grip Ab Wheel

The ab wheel is a great tool for core and hip flexor strength and here’s a way to level-up the difficulty and add in some grip work and mobility at the same time.

  Morning Chalk Up  


The Nano 9 For Just $65

For one day only, we have an exclusive discount code for our US subscribers that will drop the price of the Nano 9 to $65. Make your feet happy and your workout friends jealous with a new pair or two. Shop now and use the code “BTSEXCLUSIVE” today only get the Nano 9 for just $65.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Use a Foam Roller to Increase Your Mobility

Find out the best ways to use a foam roller to take care of your body and act as your own masseuse. Effective foam rolling can help you save money and time on massages and, more importantly, help you avoid injury. It’s all about pre-hab and prevention.



Congratulations to Andrew A., who was the first to correctly answer which Games Individual Champion(s) did not win a Games Event in the year of his/her Championship. The correct answer was James Fitzgerald and Tanya Wagner, James – CFG07 / Tanya – CFG09. This was the third time that Andrew was the first person to correctly answer the Trivia question.

  • Today’s question: Which Country/Region did not win a CrossFit Invitational?

Submit your answer.





Survey Results: The Future of Functional Training, By Women

A few weeks ago we shared a survey link from Blue Elvin. They asked women, “What do you want the future of functional training to be like?” More than 300 women across 16 countries answered the survey, all of whom engaged in functional fitness training 3-5+ times a week prior to COVID-19. Here are a few takeaways:

  • 68% of women continued to train 3+ times per week during lockdown.
  • 85% of women reported training primarily for their mental well-being.
  • 66% of women are not experiencing the same benefits of training.
  • 30% of women are not sure about the future of their gym memberships.
  • 78% of women have introduced other types of training into their routines (running, yoga, cycling).

Check out all the results and continue the conversation.

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