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NOBULL Responds to Reebok

Morning Chalk Up

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Happy Friday Morning Chalk Up readers! Athletes are either packing the car or boarding a plane these next few days. Next stop, Madison, Wisconsin✈️✈️✈️.

In today’s edition:

  • NOBULL responds to Reebok’s prize purse.
  • Who to watch in the women’s masters division.
  • How athletes are feeling getting back to in-person competition.
  • Justin Medeiros’ workout of the week.

“Lactic acid flushing is definitely not a thing. Acid disappears from your blood (and muscles) very quickly after exercise,” – Meredith Root debunking lactic acid myths.

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“If people doubt how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” - Michele Ruiz

  NOBULL Responds to Reebok  

NOBULL Responds to Reebok

After news broke Wednesday of Reebok’s Bonus Program offering up nearly $1 million in additional prize money to athletes across all divisions who took first or second place in an event wearing a Reebok shoe, more than 160 athletes expressed interest. So far the athletes’ response has been positive.

  • That number is now closer to 200 according to Reebok. 

When asked about the recent announcement, NOBULL’s Chief Marketing Officer Todd Meleney said: “Since the beginning we’ve been in favor of anything that supports the athletes and the CrossFit community. As the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games, that’s the case now more than ever. We’re very excited to showcase all the ways we’re invested in growing this sport globally over the next week, and for the long-term.”

Reading between the lines: NOBULL doesn’t appear deterred. Stunts among apparel sponsors isn’t a new thing in CrossFit. NIKE’s Metcon 1 was banned from the 2015 CrossFit Games when Reebok was a sponsor, a move that resulted in earned media coverage and the infamous mobile billboards driving around Carson, CA that read “Don’t ban our shoe. Beat our shoe.” 

  • In 2019, when the footwear restrictions were lifted, allowing athletes to wear any branded shoe they wanted, NOBULL offered all the national champions a pair of free NOBULL’s to wear at the Games. Ninety-three athletes accepted. 

The big picture: From conversations with athletes and industry insiders over the past two days, one thing remains clear: The more money coming into CrossFit and the more earning potentials out there, the better it is for the sport and industry as a whole. 

  • For what it’s worth, in 2014, Adidas offered $100,000 to the athlete who ran the quickest 40-Yard Dash while wearing a pair of the brand’s adizero 5-Star 40 football cleats. OSU wideout Brandin Cooks took the bacon
We’ve Been Approaching Nutrition Completely Wrong

We’ve Been Approaching Nutrition Completely Wrong

Face it, Crossfit is an endurance sport. Day after day of training and grinding requires an energy level that most of us don’t have naturally. But turning to sugar or caffeine to fill the gap? You’re going to be riding the energy roller coaster for the rest of the day.

UCAN is different. It provides the energy your body needs without causing a crash after workouts.

  • “I need to be able to rely on my nutrition to power my body through whatever I throw at it” –10x CrossFit Games competitor and UCAN athlete Scott Panchik.

Follow Scott for a day as he’s preparing for the Games. Plus, save 20% on UCAN today with code “CHALKUP”



  • It’s official: Roman Khrennikov will not be at the 2021 CrossFit Games. We’ve all been crossing our fingers and hoping he’d secure a visa, but late Wednesday night his manager Snorri Baron confirmed, he could not do so.
    • “An interview at a US Embassy is a mandatory procedure and that proved to be the stumbling block this time around. The global pandemic has played a role in slowing all such protocols and processes down and the case now is that Roman could not get an interview appointment scheduled in due time,” Baron said.
  • Games schedule: Clear your entire morning, day and night and stock up on all the caffeine you can find. The CrossFit Games released the watch schedule and it doesn’t even look like there’s enough time for a quick bathroom break.
  • Thorisdottir has still got it: But is anyone shocked? She practiced Event 8 handstand walking on stairs and the parallel bars. Boy, does she look flawless.
  • Top picks: Our expert Games analyst Patrick Clark has released his prediction of the top-20 for the women’s individual field on his Instagram. Tell him what you think. You can add your predictions by going to
  • Here’s how to follow all the individual athletes at the CrossFit Games.


  • Book alert: Ben Bergeron’s second book, Unlocking Potential, is almost complete. 545 days in the making, writer Christine Bald has the words on paper, but we could still be waiting a bit before it hits stores. No release date has been announced yet.
  • Lauren Fisher joins Momentous, a sports nutrition and supplement company.
  • Milk and Cereal time: RXBAR is now skipping the B.S. at breakfast with their 11-12 grams of protein RX CEREAL.
  • New Blenders! The Buttery Bros just released their Signature Style of sunnies, just in time to rock at the Games.
  Masters Women Podium Contenders  

Masters Women Podium Contenders

In just a few days, the masters ladies will take the floor at the CrossFit Games for the first time in over a year. After last year’s global pandemic led to the cancellation of the masters divisions at the Games, those athletes are hungry to get back out on the floor.

  • P.S. All age group divisions will be broadcast live. Here’s how to watch.

Looking at the ladies field, fans can expect to see one of the strongest years yet. With former Games athletes like Alethea Boone, Cheryl Nasso, Whitney Gelin just to name a few, the competition will be fierce. Here are our top picks for the podium in the ladies masters division.

35-39: Podium Contenders (in no particular order)

  • Whitney Gelin: This will be Gelin’s 4th trip to the Games but first masters appearance, and she could end up on the podium. While she finished 17th in the AGOQ, it’s important not to overlook her three years of individual Games experience.
  • Alethea Boone: In 2019, Boone took 5th in the 35-39 division. This year, the five time CrossFit Games veteran is looking to crack that podium position after a 4th place finish in the AGOQ.
  • Cheryl Nasso: Cheryl Nasso has already competed at the Games three times, once as an individual and twice as a team. In 2019, the 36-year-old competed as an individual woman in the Games, just one year before she was slated to move up into the masters division. Despite her 20th place finish in the AGOQ, her Games and competition experience cannot be ignored as she contends for a podium position.
  • April Payne: Despite the chaotic season of 2020, Payne still came through to win the Masters Fitness Championship. Despite not making it the previous two seasons, she still would have qualified in a 20 person field. Not only that, but she competed in Semifinals at the Granite Games this past season, giving her the experience she needs to potentially podium.
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  After 18 Months, 42 Athletes Excited About Return to Live Competition  

After 18 Months, 42 Athletes Excited About Return to Live Competition

While 19 men and 19 women on next week’s individual CrossFit Games roster had the chance to dip their toes in live competition waters again in recent weeks at their Semifinal event, the other 42 qualifiers are still awaiting their return to live, in-person competition.

  • For many of the 21 men and 21 women who qualified through an online Semifinal or the Last Chance Qualifier, Madison is set to be their first live competition in 18 months. And in some instances, even longer.

What they’re saying: Some say it’s going to be an adjustment after being online for so long, while others aren’t concerned about the hiatus. But across the board, the athletes couldn’t be happier to return to normalcy.

  • After 18 months without a live competition, six-time Games athlete Patrick Vellner said “it feels crazy…It’s going to be readjusting to a different style of competition, but you can’t beat live competition,” he said, adding that he’s hoping familiarity will kick in, just like “riding a bike.”
  • Ultimately, though, Vellner couldn’t be happier about abandoning the online format. “I think racing ghosts is hard. You never know if you’re in first or last or if you should dial it up or dial it back so there (are) challenges that come with online competition that don’t exist in a live setting,” he said.
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  The Lactic Revolution: Rethinking Lactic Acid and its Impact on Muscle Fatigue  


The Lactic Revolution: Rethinking Lactic Acid and its Impact on Muscle Fatigue

This year is special. The CrossFit Games are back in live-action and the 2020 Olympic Games are going down in Tokyo, at the same time. It’s like the planetary conjunction of fitness.

And while there is so much to watch and celebrate, there is one word that’s almost guaranteed to be misused over and over again, even at the highest level of sports commentary. And that word is Lactic Acid. Two words technically, but put together, lactic acid is believed to be the culprit of muscle fatigue.

There has even been a famous workout named after it, perhaps you remember Acid Bath from the 2018 Dubai CrossFit Championships. You will hear announcers and athletes talk about the effects of lactic acid and how it impairs muscle contraction and leads to a decline in performance. You will hear about how the athletes who are most tolerant and adapted to the effects of lactic acid are the ones who can suffer the most and ultimately win events.

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  Justin Medeiros’ Workout of the Week  

Justin Medeiros’ Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. You can post your times or scores in the comment section.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by Justin Medeiros.

2 Rounds:
25 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
25 Thrusters (95/65 lbs or 43/30kg)
50 Cal row
Time Cap: 20 Minute

Some advice from Justin: “I would attack this workout by doing the pull-ups and thrusters unbroken then row at a pace where I could do it again on round two. After finishing the second round of thrusters and pull-ups, empty the tank on the 50 cal row.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.


March Madison Madness

Research the rookies, verify the vets, watch Dave Castro’s Instagram like a hawk, and make sure you’re paying close attention to all our Games previews because Guessing Games is back.

Enter your predictions for the top five men and women for a chance to win some epic prizes from brands such as Reebok, Black Rifle Coffee, O2, and Ascent Protein.



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Upright torso, knees pointed out, utterly straight bar-path, ass to grass, and perfect ankle mobility. We know how an overhead squat is meant to look. But making it happen is a different matter. Check out these tips and tests to learn where your squat is going wrong and how you can work to fix it.




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Five Olympic Lift Alternatives

Okay, we know Oly lifts are crazy effective (and super fun), but sometimes, due to injury, or equipment availability, you need to change things up. Check out these five exercises you can rotate into your programming to get the benefits of Olympic lifting without needing barbells and bumper plates.



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Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlights to [email protected] to be featured.

  • Congratulations to Armen and Katie Amirian on their new baby boy.
  • Coach Adam Rodgers from Training Think Tank in Alpharetta, GA hang snatches 185 pounds/83kg for three.
  • Maggie Pairan from Cornerstone Fitness in West Chester Township, OH squat jerks 180 pounds/81kg for two.
  • Nathan Roush from CF132 in Atlanta, GA clean and jerks 280 pounds/127kg.
  • Clodagh Cronin from Fortitude Fitness in the United Kingdom snatches 148 pounds/67.5kg for a PR.
  • Tyler Dollar from Missing Link CrossFit in Jacksonville, NC deadlifts 545 pounds/247kg for a three rep PR.
  • Maria Rekowski from Australia completes her first 15-foot legless rope climb.
  • 🤯🤯🤯 Taking strength and mobility to the next level: Bronislaw Olenkowicz narrow grip snatches 246 pounds/120kg.
7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
7/9: Rex Rumble at CrossFit zoo (Ocala, FL)
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7/16: Girls Gone Rx San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx West Texas (Snyder, YX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx South Sound (Puyallup, WA)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)
7/16: Buckeye Games Individuals/Masters (Medina, OH)
7/17: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Whittier, CA)
7/23: Palm City CrossFit Fairgrounds Throwdown (Stuart, FL)
7/23: Buckeye Games Team Competition (Medina, OH)
7/30: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Fernandina (Yulee, FL)
7/30: No Grit No Glory (Barbell for Boobs) (Byron, IL)
8/13: The Mortal Games 2022 (Sunrise, FL)
8/20: Summer Smashdown (Tucson, AZ)
8/27: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Sango (Clarksville, TN)
8/27: The MFLH Fight For The Fittest 2022 (Ronkonhoma, NY)
8/27: Dawg Days of Summer (Portsmouth, OH)

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