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A Sub 5 Mile + 500lb Back Squat ?

Morning Chalk Up

July 14

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The first CrossFit Scholarship L1 Certificate Course took place at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta over the weekend and the current CEO, Dave Castro, donned the red shirt as one of its instructors. And, CrossFit Krypton head coach Adam Klink accomplished a storied benchmark feat on Sunday, Patrick Clark has more. Today:

  • Learn about the inaugural CrossFit Scholarship L1 Certificate Course.
  • Adam Klink is fast…and strong.
  • Shapesmiths Gym in London created an online exercise program called the “Masters Project” aimed at helping 60+-year-old athletes get the fitness they need while staying safe during the COVID pandemic.

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“Really happy with how it turned out and excited about scaling this program across the country and world.” – Dave Castro — On the Inaugural CrossFit Scholarship L1 Certificate Course.


First CrossFit Scholarship Level 1 Certificate Course a Successful “First Step in a Broader Mission”

  First CrossFit Scholarship Level 1 Certificate Course a Successful “First Step in a Broader Mission”  

Last weekend, CrossFit Inc. held its first scholarship Level 1 Certificate Course at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta in GA.

Announced just two weeks ago, CrossFit’s scholarship program is one of two key initiatives that current CrossFit CEO Dave Castro has put into place in the aftermath of a tumultuous few weeks in June (the other key initiative is the creation of regional affiliate representatives). The scholarship program seeks to offer free access to the Level 1 coaching course to teens and young adults from underrepresented and underserved communities.

One big thing: Dave Castro not only instituted the program as CEO, but he also donned the red shirt and participated as one of the seminar staff members for the course, something he has not done in several years. The move demonstrates how committed he and the organization are to this program.

Details from the weekend: The course had six attendees, all between the ages of 15 and 19, explained CrossFit Downtown Atlanta owner Michael Michaelides, who hosted the course because he “wants to be part of the change,” he said.

  • “The attendees were all kids I have already been working with, in coordination with the Atlanta Leadership Club,” he explained.
  • “The vibe was great, and the attendees left feeling really fired up,” he added.

In an Instagram post, Dave Castro said:  “Really happy with how it turned out and excited about scaling this program across the country and world.”


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Sub 5 Mile, 500lb Back Squat. Klink Conquers Castro Challenge

  Sub 5 Mile, 500lb Back Squat. Klink Conquers Castro Challenge  

In the lead-up to the 2017 CrossFit Games, Dave Castro had a discussion with Scott Panchik about a possible test of fitness for CrossFit athletes. Chronicled in his book, Constructing The CrossFit Games, Castro discussed how difficult it would be for an athlete to run a mile under 5:00 minutes and back squat 500 lbs in one day. It was a feat that became part of CrossFit lore and he felt was elusive for Games athletes, even Rich Froning.

Three years later, Adam Klink wanted a challenge, something he could work towards as the CrossFit season came to a close during the COVID-19 pandemic. He decided to take on Castro’s challenge, he conquered it on Sunday becoming the first recorded athlete to do so.

The challenge: Castro wrote “the elusive combination of the 500-lb. back squat and sub-5-minute mile” was perhaps something he could test athletes on in the near future. He also stated that adding 50 unbroken pull-ups would assure that a CrossFit athlete would be the one that sets the record. Enter Klink.

The chase: Klink is not your average CrossFit athlete, a six-time Regional athlete and head coach at CrossFit Krypton, the affiliate owned by 2015 “Fittest Man on Earth” Ben Smith. Klink just missed out on his Game’s invitation at the 2018 Atlantic Regional, finishing seventh. In this year’s Open, he had his best finish at 149th worldwide.

  • Klink started training for the challenge ten weeks ago, already owning a back squat of 550 lbs, it was the mile run that the 215 lb man would have to work on.
  • “With my background in playing soccer and the amount of lifting I have done, I felt like there were two areas and two movements that I have been gifted with. It had always been in the back of my head that if anyone would be able to do this, it would be me,” Klink said.
  • What followed were countless running sessions at a number of tracks in the Chesapeake, VA area followed by back squats on tired legs afterward.
  • The training led to a case of plantar fasciitis that sidelined him for a while, but he was able to recover and continue to train towards that goal.

Virtual Healing: The Shapesmiths Masters Program

  Virtual Healing: The Shapesmiths Masters Program  

Four months ago when the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic came down upon communities across the globe, the spotlight was shone on health and personal safety in a way that few had experienced during their lifetime. Individuals and families were forced into their homes for lockdown and most of society came to a grinding halt, leaving a myriad of question marks surrounding the full scope of the effects for those most at risk from the coronavirus — the infirm and elderly.

London-based Shapesmiths Gym took matters into their own hands, and when most of the fitness world was figuring out a shift towards a primarily online and digital format, the U.K. affiliate found a way to cater to a masters demographic that was left woefully isolated during the pandemic, but desperately needed the health benefits associated with regular exercise.

The Shapesmiths Masters Project is an online exercise program conducted via Zoom for masters athletes across the world that includes a specified lesson plan for athletes of all fitness levels and allows the demographic most at-risk from the coronavirus to improve their health and fitness.

  • Currently, there are 38 60+-year-old athletes that call in from locations around the world including England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Germany, France, and the United States.
  • Athletes of all levels are welcome and the current cohort includes athletes currently in cardiac rehabilitation and athletes battling back against the onset and effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • As a nice bonus, the program was offered completely for free for anyone up through the end of June, and even though they are now accepting contributions they “will work with everyone on an individual basis to make sure they have the access to the masters program that they need.”



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Dr. Michael Ray on Keeping Gym Members Safe

On this episode of the Open Gym podcast, Patrick Cummings talks with Dr. Michael Ray an ER physician and the co-founder of CrossFit Flagstaff. As the gym opens, and as Arizona responds to an influx of new coronavirus cases, Dr. Ray remains cautious about how to best resume classes.

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Blackened Salmon Tacos with Forbidden Rice and Mango Guacamole

Check out this incredible heart-healthy recipe for blackened salmon tacos with forbidden rice and a fresh mango guacamole. You can bake or grill the salmon and there are lots of ways to use the leftovers!





Community Round-Up

Here’s a quick round-up of fitness feats, generosity and an appeal for help from a CrossFitter finishing her nurse practitioner doctorate:

  • (Unofficial) Burpee World Record: At North Raleigh CrossFit in North Raleigh, NC, Nick Christopoulos unofficially set a new burpee world record, completing 5297 burpees in 12 hours. He beat the previous record by 63 burpees.
  • Triple Marathon for Cancer Research UK: At CrossFit BFG in Leicester, UK, coach Josh “Bruno” Burniston completed a triple marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The total feat included a marathon-distance run, row, and assault bike ride, and Burniston completed all three over the course of 14 hours and 28 minutes. In the process, he raised £2,120 for cancer research.
  • Irish National Champ, PD Savage Donates to Alzheimer’s Research UK: When first-time CrossFit Games qualifier PD Savage learned that the Games would be canceled for national champions, he pledged to donate the money that had been raised for his trip to Madison to charity. He followed through shortly thereafter, donating £11,000 to Alzheimer’s Research UK to support the search for treatment, prevention and a cure for dementia.
  • Request for Help with Doctoral Nursing Project: CrossFitter Hayley Avino is a student at Arizona State University seeking to complete her doctoral quality improvement project. She is designing a group exercise wellness program for persons in recovery from substance use disorder in hopes to prevent relapse once they are discharged from treatment set to launch in late August/early September. In order for her project to be a success, (60) exercise/yoga mats, ab mats, jump ropes, hip circles, and reusable water bottles are required. It would also be great to offer the participants healthy snacks such as RX Bars, FroPro Bars, protein packets, fresh fruit, etc. Unfortunately, while seeking funding for this project, all scholarships and grants were placed on hold due to COVID-19 which has made attaining the equipment needed for her project and graduating her program nearly impossible. If you or an organization you are involved with would consider helping, contact her directly.
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